Potty training a puppy
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Potty training a Cavapoo puppy in a high rise apartment can seem like an enormous challenge but do not despair because it is very doable with various options.

Potty training a puppy

You need to determine where your puppy will go potty and start training the minute you bring her home.

Below as some solutions that you can consider and decide which one will be the best one for your situation.

Pee Pads

Frisco training potty pads

You can get disposable Pee Pads and Washable Pee Pads.

These are one of the ways your Cavapoo can relieve herself indoors. The principle is the same as if you have a garden. Take her to the potty pads and tell her to go potty. 

Make sure she is leashed so she stays on the pads. After she has done a wee on the potty pad, praise her in a calm voice.

There are however some downsides to using potty pads.

Potty pads feel soft just like a carpet. She might confuse the two and decide to go potty on your nice carpet instead.

Most disposable potty pads are not biodegradable and can quickly build up into lots of waste that you will need to get rid of.

Also, if your puppy becomes used to using potty pads then she might not want to go potty on grass as the texture and smell is so different.

You will not be able to use these pads on a balcony as they can be blown away with the wind.

Artificial Grass Potty Tray

Wee-wee patch indoor potty small

This is a better option as your Cavapoo learns to wee on grass, even if it is artificial.

Grass puppy mats are readily available online.

These artificial grass pads have an odor resistant, antimicrobial mat that sits on top of a plastic insert. This allows liquid to drain into the durable collection tray.

Cleaning the potty mat is fast and easy. Just rinse the mat with soapy water!

You can also place a puppy pad immediately below the grass to catch the wee and replace it every day if needed.

These mats can be used on a patio or balcony.

Disposable doggie lawn with real grass

This is also a good option.

It is real grass so it can absorb the wee better than artificial grass can. It also does not smell.

The grass is supplied in a wax lined cardboard box. Just remove the lid and it is instantly ready for use.

It is entirely disposable so there is no mess involved and can last for two to three weeks before it needs to be replaced.

The grass does need occasional watering. Because it is real grass then it will be natural for your dog to go potty outside if and when they can.

The doggy lawn can be placed on the balcony.

Bark Potty 

This product is the absolute best option available.

Because the product is made from real bark, your puppy will not be confused and think that your carpet feels like a pee pad.

The bark fibers repel moisture encouraging evaporation so the Bark Potty lasts for weeks.

The bark also gives off a natural smell which attracts your dog and makes training very easy.

Bark Potty is full of safe bacteria that quickly breaks down odors so it is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

Please click on the photo below for more information.


Living in an apartment should not disqualify you from owning a dog. It does take a little more work if you do not have direct access to a garden but potty training is still very possible.

Decide before you get your Cavapoo puppy on which option noted above would suit you the best and stick with it.

Introduce your new puppy immediately to her potty area and praise them in a low calm voice once the deed has been done.

Make sure that you clean any accidents with an enzymatic cleaner to remove all trace of the urine.

Make sure you have poo bags, paper towels and old rags available to clean up any messes.

Finally, enjoy your new puppy!

Click here  for tips on how to successfully potty train your puppy.

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  1. Thank you for inviting us to ask for your help. I am about to buy a cavapoo. The pad issue
    is not the problem. The dogs from this breeder are totally pad trained as they don't want them
    outside at all if they aren't 16 weeks and older. I will be using the pads as the sole place
    for potty. I did it with my cockapoo for 15 years and it was good to know he wasn't waiting for
    me to come home. I also have a big terrace which he will eventually play on….. and it will feel
    like the street under his feet… so I think that part is solved.

    My big problem is that I am reading that cavapoos are incessant barkers for anyone of a bunch of reasons. They want attention, they are scared, they are bored, etc etc. I was able to stop my cockapoo
    with a can and some pennies. But I'm beginnning to realize that cavapoos are very hard to stop the barking. Not thinking about the front door, or logical reasons to bark. I'm talking about barking all the time, for a variety of reasons. How can that be stopped?

    1. Hi Karen,
      I think the key is to train them from the time they start barking to not bark.
      Say ‘Shhh’ and distract the pup with a toy and say ‘well done’.
      All dogs bark, it is when it becomes excessive that it becomes a problem.
      I would also make very sure that your pup is used to being alone when you go out.
      Start from day one.
      It is so tempting to always have the puppy with you when you first bring it home and this is a mistake that can cause the dog to suffer from separation anxiety later on.
      This can then lead to barking and howling when you have to leave them alone.
      So, start straight away by leaving the pup in a secure area for a few minutes and going somewhere where they cannot see or hear you.
      Do not say anything, just leave.
      Return after a few minutes and again don’t say anything and after a minute or so go and interact with the pup.
      What you are trying to tell them is that it is not a big deal if I go away, I will come back.
      Lengthen the time gradually until you can successfully leave pup alone for a few hours without them freaking out.
      Just teaching a pup this will alleviate a stack of problems later on.
      Hope this helps!

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