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Cavapoo Names

Sometimes you can just look at your puppy or dog and know exactly which name suits them but other times you are just not sure.

If you are having trouble deciding what to name your pup, then consider the following:

  1. You should be able to say the name with ease. You also want other people to be able to pronounce her name correctly.
  2. Maybe you have a favorite place or city that you love going to? eg Paris
  3. You could name her after food or a gemstone eg Ginger, Noodle or Jade
  4. Make sure you choose a name that you are comfortable calling out in public. Imagine calling your dog at a local park and his name is 'butthole'. That would be embarrassing.
  5. Lots of dogs have 'human' names. For example Tommy, Ben or Annie
  6. Do not choose a name that is similar to a command as it will cause confusion when you try and train them. 
  7. Try out the name first. Go outside and pretend to call your dog using the chosen name and hear how it sounds. Do you like using it or does it just not sit right?
  8. Above all - it needs to be a name you are happy with and that you like.

Female Cavapoo Names

Below is a list of 100 names you can consider for your female puppy. Whether you are looking for a feminine or real girly name or something more bold, there is something for everyone. 

  1. Abby
  2. Allie
  3. Anna
  4. Annie
  5. Bailey
  6. Bella
  7. Betsy
  8. Bonnie
  9. Brandy
  10. Cali
  11. Candy
  12. Cassie
  13. Chloe
  14. Cindy
  15. Cleo
  16. Clover
  17. Coco
  18. Daisy
  19. Dakota
  20. Darcie
  21. Darla
  22. Desiree
  23. Destiny
  24. Dora
  25. Drew
  26. Ellie
  27. Emily
  28. Emma
  29. Evie
  30. Gabby
  31. Gemma
  32. Georgia
  33. Gigi
  34. Ginny
  35. Gracie
  36. Harper
  37. Heidi
  38. Holly
  39. Honey
  40. Hope
  41. Ivy
  42. Izzy
  43. Jackie
  44. Jade
  45. Jasmine
  46. Josie
  47. Katie
  48. Lacey
  49. Lady
  50. Lexi
  51. Lilly
  52. Lola
  53. Lottie
  54. Lucy
  55. Lulu
  56. Luna
  57. Macy
  58. Maddie
  59. Maggie
  60. Maisie
  61. Mandy
  62. Maya
  63. Mia
  64. Miley
  65. Milly
  66. Mindy
  67. Minnie
  68. Missy
  69. Molly
  70. Nala
  71. Paige
  72. Paisley
  73. Patsy
  74. Penny
  75. Phoebe
  76. Piper
  77. Pippa
  78. Pixie
  79. Poppy
  80. Primrose
  81. Queenie
  82. Reba
  83. Rose
  84. Rosie
  85. Roxy
  86. Sadie
  87. Scarlett
  88. Shelby
  89. Sierra
  90. Sophie
  91. Steffi
  92. Stella
  93. Suzy
  94. Tessa
  95. Tilly
  96. Toula
  97. Trixie
  98. Willow
  99. Winnie
  100. Zoe

Male Cavapoo Names

Do you want a boyish name or something that sounds 'tough'? Check out the list below to see if the perfect name springs out at you:

  1. Ace
  2. Adonis
  3. Alastair'Alfie
  4. Andre
  5. Archie
  6. Arlo
  7. Arlow
  8. Bacardi
  9. Bandit
  10. Baron
  11. Baxter
  12. Bear
  13. Beau
  14. Ben
  15. Benji
  16. Benny
  17. Bentley
  18. Bertie
  19. Billy
  20. Bobby
  21. Boomer
  22. Boone
  23. Brody
  24. Bruno
  25. Buddy
  26. Buster
  27. Caesar
  28. Cale
  29. Calvin
  30. Captain
  31. Chaos
  32. Charley
  33. Chase
  34. Chester
  35. Chico
  36. Chuck
  37. Cooper
  38. Dante
  39. Dexter
  40. Diesel
  41. Digby
  42. Digger
  43. Drake
  44. Dudley
  45. Duke
  46. Eddie
  47. Finn
  48. Frankie
  49. George
  50. Gunner
  51. Gus
  52. Hank
  53. Harry
  54. Harvey
  55. Henry
  56. Hugo
  57. Hunter
  58. Jack
  59. Jake
  60. Jasper
  61. Jax
  62. Jesse
  63. Jett
  64. Joey
  65. Judd
  66. Kody
  67. Leo
  68. Loki
  69. Louis
  70. Luke
  71. Maverick
  72. Max
  73. Mikey
  74. Miles
  75. Milo
  76. Monty
  77. Moose
  78. Murphy
  79. Oliver
  80. Ollie
  81. Oscar
  82. Otis
  83. Parker
  84. Percy
  85. Reese
  86. Reggie
  87. Rex
  88. Rigby
  89. Rocky
  90. Roscoe
  91. Sam
  92. Sawyer
  93. Simon
  94. Tanner
  95. Teddy
  96. Thor
  97. Toby
  98. Tucker
  99. Wilbur
  100. Winston

Unisex and Unique Cavapoo Names

Sometimes the best name is one that can be used for both sexes. There are so many to choose from:

  1. Addison
  2. Alex
  3. Angel
  4. Ash
  5. Baby
  6. Banjo
  7. Biscuit
  8. Bones
  9. Brownie
  10. Bubbles
  11. Buffy
  12. Bugsy
  13. Button
  14. Caboose
  15. Cadbury
  16. Casey
  17. Chip
  18. Coco
  19. Colby
  20. Cookie
  21. Corky
  22. Cricket
  23. Curly
  24. Dash
  25. Dixie
  26. Domino
  27. Echo
  28. Flash
  29. Freeway
  30. Forrest
  31. Foxy
  32. Fudge
  33. Gatsby
  34. Gidget
  35. Ginger
  36. Gumball
  37. Gypsy
  38. Happy
  39. Harley
  40. Hershey
  41. Inky
  42. Jazz
  43. Jelly Bean
  44. Jodi
  45. Joker
  46. Kellogg
  47. Kramer
  48. Ladybug
  49. Lucky
  50. Madison
  51. Marley
  52. Morgan
  53. Muffin
  54. Noodle
  55. Nugget
  56. Nutmeg
  57. Oakley
  58. Oreo
  59. Oz
  60. Paddington
  61. Peanut
  62. Pebbles
  63. Peewee
  64. Pepper
  65. Peyton
  66. Piggles
  67. Pinky
  68. Popcorn
  69. Puddles
  70. Quinn
  71. Quincey
  72. Rascal
  73. Remi
  74. Rio
  75. Robin
  76. Rusty
  77. Sage
  78. Scooter
  79. Scout
  80. Shadow
  81. Sky
  82. Snoopy
  83. Sparky
  84. Squirt
  85. Storm
  86. Sunny
  87. Taco
  88. Tiny
  89. Waffles
  90. Wigglebutt
  91. Wrigley
  92. Ziggy
  93. Zulu

Cavapoo Puppy

5 Most Popular Cavapoo Names

Some breeds have names that suit them so well that they are used more often.

  1. Teddy
  2. Luna
  3. Ruby
  4. Willow
  5. Ollie
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Cavapoo puppy
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Puppy Shopping Checklist – 6 Must Have Items

It is always an exciting time preparing for a new puppy and you can quickly get overwhelmed and begin to worry that you are not prepared for her arrival, especially if you are a first time owner.

Here are a few things that you should consider buying before your new bundle of joy comes home.

1. A Harness 

Your Cavapoo puppy will need exercise every day so you will need a harness and leash to control where they go and what they do.

When your puppy is leashed then you can safely put her on the ground if she needs to do a wee or poop.  

Please do not buy a retractable lead. They are dangerous to people and for your dog. 

rabbitgoo Dog Harness,No-Pull Pet Harness with 2 Leash Clips,Adjustable Soft Padded Dog Vest,Reflective No-Choke Pet Oxford Vest with Easy Control Handle for Medium Dogs,Orange (M, Chest 19.1-29.3")

People have had serious rope burns from the lead zipping back and when the lead is fully extended then you have absolutely no control over your puppy. 

So, a normal lead is the best way to go.

A harness is much better than a collar. They are easier on the dog's neck and back and give you much better control over your puppy.

Rabbitgoo Dog Harness,No-Pull Pet Harness with 2 Leash Clips

The Rabbitgoo Dog Harness has 2 Neck Straps and 2 Chest Straps that makes sure that this body harness fits your dog perfectly.

The harness features a no-pull design so that you can have better control of your dog by attaching the leash to the front clip.

If your puppy pulls then they will be turned around therefore stopping them from going forward.

It has soft and breathable padding ensuring a comfortable fit. The material is durable and weather-proof.

rabbitgoo Dog Harness,No-Pull Pet Harness with 2 Leash Clips,Adjustable Soft Padded Dog Vest,Reflective No-Choke Pet Oxford Vest with Easy Control Handle for Medium Dogs,Orange (M, Chest 19.1-29.3")

This harness comes in 9 different colors so you should be able to find the perfect color for your Cavapoo.

rabbitgoo Dog Harness,No-Pull Pet Harness with 2 Leash Clips,Adjustable Soft Padded Dog Vest,Reflective No-Choke Pet Oxford Vest with Easy Control Handle for Medium Dogs,Orange (M, Chest 19.1-29.3")

PetSafe Nylon Dog Leash

All you need is a simple lead that can attach to your Cavapoo's  harness.

The Petsafe Nylon dog leash is the perfect partner that you need.

It is strong and durable with an easy to use bolt snap.

It is available in different lengths and also different widths.

PetSafe Leash, 3/4" x 6', Medium, Apple Green

2. Food and Water Bowls

There are many types and shapes of bowls available. Some are made from stainless steel while others can be made from plastic or ceramics.

Stainless steel bowls are the most hygienic.

Some puppies will refuse to eat or drink if they do not like the bowl. If this happens then try a different type of bowl. 

Here is a perfect stainless steel bowl set that is not only functional but beautiful as well.

Vivaglory Dog Bowls Stainless Steel Water and Food Feeder with Non Spill Skid Resistant Silicone Mat for Pets Puppy Small Medium Dogs

Made of high-quality stainless steel, this dog bowl set offers a healthier alternative to plastic.

The silicone mat is flexible, waterproof, and easy-to-clean.

Simply rinse in the sink with warm soapy water, wipe with a cloth, or place it in the dishwasher as it is 100% dishwasher safe.

Vivaglory Dog Bowls, Set of 2, Stainless Steel Water and Food Bowl Pet Cat Feeder with Non Spill Skid Resistant Silicone Mat, Small, Blue

3. A Crate

A crate is a must have product because it helps so much with potty training.

It also provides a safe place for your Cavapoo puppy to sleep in at night or when you are travelling.

Precision Pet "ProValu," Double Door Dog Crate, Black, 30 Inch (7011273)

Crate training your puppy will be very beneficial for later on if she ever needs to be crated because of injury or kept over at the Vet.

Get her used to it at a young age. You will not be sorry. 

3. A Playpen

North States Mypet Petyard Passage: 4, 6 or 8 panel pet enclosure with lockable pet door. Freestanding. 7 sq. ft to 34.4 sq. ft. (26" tall)

Playpens allow for larger containment areas to keep your puppy safe and secure and out of harm’s way when they are unsupervised.

 They are especially useful during the day time when you need to leave your puppy for a few hours or when you pop out to run errands.

There should be enough space for a bed, water bowl and play area.

The shape of the playpen can be changed to suit the available space. Extra panels can be added to make it bigger.

4. Dog Beds

You will need a bed that you can put in her crate or play pen and also a bed in an area where she will sleep during the day.

The bed needs to be cozy and provide comfort when she sleeps.

I like beds with side bolster panels so that your pup can rest her head on them.

Long Rich HCT REC-005 Reversible Rectangle Pet Bed with Dog Paw Printing, Coffee, By Happycare Textiles, 25 by 21 inches

A good dog bed needs to be washable and durable.

5. Toys, toys and more toys

KONG Teddy Bear Dog Toy, Medium, Brown

Puppies chew. Just like human babies, puppies have to have something to chew on when they are teething.

Toys are needed for play time as well and to keep your Cavapoo puppy occupied when you are not around.

I highly recommend the KONG Toy brand because they last a lot longer than other toys and are excellent for puppies that love to chew.

Buy some plush toys, chew toys ans toys that you can play fetch with.

5. Potty Training

Until your puppy has had it's second lot of vaccinations, it is advisable not to let them go for walks, have access to a common garden or have contact with any other dogs.

It is quite difficult for people that do not have access to a garden with regards to potty training and it is crucial that potty training starts straight away.

I am not a fan of pee pads because it is made from a material that can cause your puppy to think your carpet is also a pee pad.

However, I have found a solution that I am happy with.

Bark Potty is a relatively new product that can be used while you are waiting for your puppy to have it's last vaccinations.

The reason I like this product is because it is made from natural bark which is an outside product and therefore will not confuse your puppy when you want them to also eliminate outside.

Bark Potty replaces up to 60 pee pads and lasts for roughly one month.

It also naturally eliminates odors and is recyclable. 

Click on the photo below for more information.

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cavapoo puppy
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What Does F1 Mean for Dogs

What does f1 mean for dogs and what do breeders mean by f1b and f2?

These are symbols depicting the different generations and parents used to produce these puppies.

cavadoodle puppy


F1 is a symbol given to the first generation offspring that result from mating a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel to either a Toy or Miniature Poodle. Both parents are purebreds. The resulting puppies are called hybrids or cross breeds.


F2 is allocated to a puppy when two F1 adult dogs are mated together. So both parents are Cavapoos.


A F1b puppy is the result of one of the parents being an F1 adult dog (Cavapoo) and the other parent being either a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel or a Poodle. Most of the time the second parent is a poodle.

Hopefully, the diagram below will help you to see the differences.

what does f1 mean for dogs

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Cavapoo Health Problems

Every single breed of dogs has the potential for some sort of genetic disease with some breeds being more prone than others. Cavapoo health problems have been minimized because they are hybrids but some health problems do exist.Cavapoo healthThis is why it is crucial that you only buy your cavapoo puppy from a reputable breeder that has done all the necessary health checks. This greatly reduces the chances of your puppy developing a genetic disease.

Just be warned though, it does not totally eliminate the risk. For example, my springer spaniel’s parents are both health tested and passed everything with flying colors. But my springer boy has bad hip dysplasia in both hips. All of his siblings, grandparents and parents have perfect hips!

I do however believe that crossbreeds have a lower chance of inheriting genetic diseases. This is just my opinion and not based on research.

If you talk to any Vet then most of them will say that it is the pure pedigreed dogs that have the most issues. The mutts and cross breeds are generally quite healthy.

But in saying that, it would be wise to research the health problems of both the Poodle and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel just so that you are aware of what can happen. Most diseases do not show up when the puppy is young and only rear there ugly head later in life.

Do not trust a breeder that says that there dogs are all healthy and that they do not need to be health tested.

A responsible breeder will always have their dogs tested before breeding with them as they should want to produce the best specimens and healthiest dogs that they can.

I used to breed English Springer Spaniels and that is why I had my Springer boy health tested and found out that he has hip dysplasia. I then could not use him for breeding which was heart breaking for me as I had imported him from Finland as my future stud dog. I retired him from the show ring and he is now my BFF.

Buying from the right breeder will greatly reduce the risks. Always ask to see the parents’ health certificates and if a breeder cannot produce them then do not buy your Cavapoo puppy from them.

Make sure that you also see the mother and if possible also the father of the pups. Check if they look healthy and if they are clean. Check if the puppies look healthy and if they are clean.

I know that it is heart breaking to leave the puppy behind but believe me, it is much more heart breaking having a sickly pup or even one that needs to be put to sleep. Never mind the financial implications!

Let’s now look at the genetic health issues that the Poodle and Cavalier have. Again, do not freak out as it does not mean that your pup will have them.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Genetic Diseases

Ruby Cavalier


The three main health issues in Cavalier King Charles Spaniel’s are:

  • Syringomyelia (SM)
  • Hereditary Cataract & Multi-focal Retinal Dysplasia (MRD)
  • Degenerative mitral valve disease (MVD)

Syringomyelia (SM) is a very serious condition in which fluid builds up in cavities within the spinal cord near the brain.  Sometimes, a Cavalier’s skull is too small for its brain which results in the brain squeezing down into the spinal column. As you can imagine, this is extremely painful. Typically this only manifests after the puppy reaches 6 months of age.

Treatment options for Syringomyelia can involve drugs and/or surgery.

cavalier eyes

Multi-focal Retinal Dysplasia (MRD) is a hereditary condition that can seriously affect a dog’s vision and in severe cases could lead them to lose their eyesight completely.

This condition can be detected at birth.

If the puppy has retinal folds, then the condition can either disappear as the pup matures or it can become more severe.

If the dog inherits Geographical Multi-Focal Retinal Dysplasia then the condition is much more serious. The retina becomes thinner and thinner which can cause retinal detachment. If this happens then the pup can become totally blind.

There is no treatment for this disease so it is very important that the breeder has tested there dogs to make sure that they are not carriers.

Degenerative Mitral Valve Disease (MVD) is a serious disease that involves the mitral valve in the heart. As the valve deteriorates, it allows blood to flow backwards into the heart instead of out of the heart.

This causes the heart to be enlarged and dogs with this condition often have difficulty breathing and have a distinct cough.

This disease is progressive and is usually first detected as a heart murmur.

There are drugs that help to minimize the symptoms but as the disease progresses it can cause heart failure resulting in death.

It is a good idea to test your puppy yearly even if the parents are clear as this disease is very common in Cavaliers.

Poodle Genetic Health Issues

miniature poodle

Health Issues in Poodles include:

  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Epilepsy
  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA)
  • Legg Perthis Disease
  • Patella Luxation
  • Sebaceous Adenitis

Hip Dysplasia is when the ball and socket joint of the hip is deformed. This results in deterioration of the joint and arthritis.

This condition is very painful for the dog and can cause lameness and low quality of life.

Joint supplements will help. I have my Springer Spaniel on a natural supplement called ‘Sasha’s Blend’ which has helped him tremendously.

Surgery is also an option to replace only the head of the femur or in really bad cases to do a total hip replacement.

Hip Dysplasia is common in most dog breeds.

Epilepsy is a seizure disorder which is a result of abnormal electrical activity in the brain.

Seizures can be mild all the way up to serious. Mild seizures can be twitching of a lip whereas serious seizures result in the dog falling down and jerking uncontrollably. The dog might also lose consciousness which is very frightening to see.

Epilepsy is a life long condition which can be managed with medications.

Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) is a group of inherited retinal diseases. The retina of the eye degenerates over time and eventually leads to total blindness. This condition is not painful.


Night Blindness is the first sign of PRA and cataracts might also develop during this phase.

The disease slowly progresses until the dog it totally blind.

There is unfortunately, no effective treatment for PRA.

Legg Perthis Disease is where the head on the femur bone disintegrates to such an extent that the whole hip joint disintegrates.

It is more common in miniature, small and toy breeds and is seen in puppies between the ages of 5 and 8 months.

Treatment involves the surgical removal of the femoral head and neck. It sounds drastic but most dogs respond very well. After surgery then the puppy will need rehabilitation which will include swimming and physical therapy.

Patella Luxation is a common problem in all breeds of dogs.

The kneecap normally sits in a groove and moves up and down when the leg moves. With a Patella Luxation, the kneecap moves out of the groove which results in the knee not being able to be extended. Basically it means that the kneecap keeps dislocating. Usually this happens because the groove that the kneecap needs to sit in is to shallow.


Treatment is usually surgical. Either the groove is made deeper or the kneecap is fastened to the bone to prevent it from sliding.

Sebaceous Adenitis is a skin disease that affects the skin glands of a dog. The skin glands, found in the hair follicles of the skin become inflamed and die.

This causes scaly skin and waxy matted hair.

Sebaceous Adenitis cannot be cured but the symptoms can be managed by bathing the dog often with specific medicated shampoos.

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