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Best and Safest Treats for Cavapoos

best treats fro cavapoos

There are so many different kinds of treats on the market and it can be confusing as to which ones are healthy and good for your Cavapoo and which ones can potentially kill or harm them. I am going to straight away say, please stay far away from any treats made of rawhide.Rawhides are made from […]

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Keep your Cavapoo safe with the Furbo Dog Camera

keep cavapoo safe

I have a few fears when it comes to my dogs. They are the love of my life and if something happens to them I will be beyond devastated. One of my main fears is if a fire breaks out and my dogs are home alone. Imagine just for a minute arriving home and witnessing smoke and […]

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See Your Cavapoo after Dark

Cavapoo at night

Walking your Cavapoo when it starts to get dark or during night time can be safely done as long as you have the correct gear. My one dog is mostly black with a few white patches on her body. After dark, it is very difficult to see her and I have struggled to see where she […]

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Puppy Shopping Checklist – 6 Must Have Items

Cavapoo puppy

It is always an exciting time preparing for a new puppy and you can quickly get overwhelmed and begin to worry that you are not prepared for her arrival, especially if you are a first time owner. Here are a few things that you should consider buying before your new bundle of joy comes home.1. A […]

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Best Toys for Cavapoos

Best toys for Cavapoos

Puppies and adult dogs love toys! Toys are not just for entertaining, they are crucial for dental hygiene and hopefully they will also have the added benefit of saving your furniture from those sharp puppy teeth. Before I list which toys you should consider for your Cavapoo, I need to warn you to never ever buy […]

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3 Wire Dog Crate Options for your Cavapoo (Review)

best wire crate for cavapoos

3 Wire Crate Options for your Cavapoo (Review)As a new puppy owner, there are times when you cannot supervise your dog. This can be at night when you are sleeping or during the day when you pop out to run errands.  A strong wire crate might be a good choice to make sure your puppy […]

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