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I have a few fears when it comes to my dogs. They are the love of my life and if something happens to them I will be beyond devastated.

One of my main fears is if a fire breaks out and my dogs are home alone.

Imagine just for a minute arriving home and witnessing smoke and fire enveloping your house and knowing that your dogs are inside.

I think this is one of the worst nightmares any pet owner can go through.

My second fear is if someone beaks into my home and either lets the dogs out or decides to steal them. Not knowing what has happened to my dogs will devastate me.

Lastly, I do worry about what my dogs are getting up to when I am not at home. Be it excessive barking, eating something they should not or being in distress with separation anxiety.

When you cannot physically be at home then the second best option is to be able to see what is happening and be alerted when there is an incident.

This is where the Furbo Dog Camera comes in.

It is way more than a camera and it is definitely not just a gadget for neurotic dog owners.

I am super impressed with everything the Furbo can do and the developers are constantly adding new features to ensure it stays relevant and up to date.

Pros and Cons


  • Lets you see your dog
  • Two way audio so you can hear your dog and your dog can hear you
  • It can throw treats to your dog
  • The camera has a wide angle view and is high quality
  • There is infrared night vision
  • Keep an eye on your Cavapoo if they are sick or have had an operation
  • Can be linked up to Amazon Alexa


  • Cloud recording and Doggie Diary features require a subscription
  • The smart alerts like barking, fire, gas leak and person alert also require a subscription
  • Records videos in the cloud which you can then download only again with a subscription

Although the smart alerts and video recordings require a subscription, the monthly cost is very low and reasonable and is totally worth knowing that your dog and home is safe. 

I only listed them because these features do not come standard with the Furbo.

Future smart alert features that will be added soon (only on subscription)

  • Vomit Alert
  • Choking Alert
  • Glass breaking Alert

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Features and design

The furbo dog camera has an oval base measuring 4.72 by 5.91 inches. The height of the Furbo is 8.86 inches.

It weighs 21.1 pounds.

The camera itself is 1080p and includes a 160 degree wide angle lens.

The zoom is x4 digital and is capable of night vision with its infrared capabilities.

At the bottom of the unit is a status indicator with a cavern sitting above it where the treats are stored.

The unit is finished off with a natural looking bamboo cover for an attractive and sleek look.

Setup and positioning

The first step is to determine the best spot to place the Furbo.

Ideally you will want to put it where your dog hangs out the most. Furbo themselves recommend placing it 12 to 20 inches above the floor depending on the height of your dog.

A stool or side table could be an option.

Stick the Furbo to the surface of where you place it to avoid your dog knocking it over. I suggest using 3M double-sided tape to make sure it is secure.

Inside the box is a quick start guide with instructions on how to set it up.

It is as simple as plugging it in and waiting for the status light at the bottom of the Furbo to turn green.

When it is ready then you need to download the Furbo app and create an account. This app is available for both Android and iOS. 

The app will then take you through the process of setting it up.

Furbo dog camera

The app will ask you if you want to set up notifications and to also select the device that you would like to set up.

Next, it will ask permission to connect to your phone via Bluetooth. It will then use Bluetooth to connect to your Furbo.

Once connected it will ask you to select your Wi-Fi network and password and ask you where the Furbo has been situated.

You can then name your Furbo. It will suggest a name which is normally the room where it has been placed.

Setup is then done and the app will then help you to introduce the Furbo to your dog. This is so that your Cavapoo will not be scared of it and will be happy to interact with it.

Introducing your Cavapoo to the Furbo

Make sure your dog watches you as you fill the Furbo with treats.

The treats need to be dry, firm and round and about 0.4 to 0.5 inches in diameter.

Allow your dog to sniff the Furbo.

Once they are happy to be around the Furbo, then stand next to it and toss your dog a treat by hand so that your Cavapoo thinks the treat has come from the Furbo.

They should then associate the Furbo with treats.

Practice using the Furbo to toss the treats because it does make a barking sound just before it dispenses the treat.

You might need to adjust the positioning of the Furbo if the treats land somewhere where your dog cannot get to them, like under the couch.


Because of the wide angle lens, the field of view is excellent and you can see and hear your Cavapoo clearly.

When the light is good then the Furbo's video is crisp and full of color.

The infrared night vision is effective for up to around eight feet.

Furbo night vision

The barking and people alerts are very accurate and false positives are very rare to none.

As long as the correct treats are used then the Furbo works perfectly. You can toss the treats as a reward or use them to distract your dog if it is barking or anxious.

Use with Amazon Alexa

The Furbo can be linked up to Alexa giving you even more functionality.

You will then be able to use voice commands to operate Furbo.

For example, "Alexa, tell Furbo to toss a treat every (30 minutes) for (4 hours)".

You can then turn Furbo on or off via voice control and even turn Furbo on at night to watch out for intruders.


You cannot put a price on your Cavapoo's life. Possessions can be replaced but you cannot bring back a life.

The Furbo is not just for tossing treats and seeing your dog's activity during the day or night.

It can literally save your dog's life and even your home.

I strongly suggest signing up for one of the subscriptions so that you can get the smart alerts. This way you will be alerted if your dog is stressed, barking too much, a fire has broken out or an intruder is in your house.

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