Black Cavapoo

The Cavapoo temperament is second to none. This cuddle bunny is extremely loyal with love that knows no bounds and is the perfect family dog.

Black Cavapoo

Inheriting the best characteristics from both parents, the playfulness and friendliness of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel combined with the intelligence and low shedding coat of the poodle makes for a super pet.

Being small in size, these are great dogs for older children. Very young children need to be supervised at all times to make sure they do not accidentally hurt your puppy.

  • They are a good choice for first time dog owners as they are so easy to keep and have such sweet natures.
  • Cavapoos adapt well to there surroundings and are just as happy living in an apartment in a city as they are living in a house in the country.
  • Other dogs, cats and small pets get along really well with this cross breed.

Because they bond so closely to their human, they can suffer from separation anxiety if left alone for long periods of time.

This can be combated by training them from the first day to be alone for very short periods of time.

The time can then be lengthened slowly every day until they can be alone for longer periods.

“Cavapoos also make great therapy dogs because there natures are so gentle and loving”


Cavapoo Grooming

A Cavapoo is considered high maintenance on the grooming scale. There coats can easily mat so a daily brushing is recommended.

A professional groomer needs to groom them at least every 4-6 weeks to avoid deep mats forming that can cause skin irritations and general discomfort.

Cavapoo Grooming

Adult hair starts to appear at around 8-9 months of age and during this phase they can look quite scraggly.

Having fold-over ears means that they need regular attention or else infections can set in.

Let the groomer shave the hair inside the ear flaps to allow more airflow into the ears.

A good tip is to fold the ear over there head while they are sleeping to allow air to flow in.

Cavapoos eyes should also be wiped regularly to avoid tear stains from forming.

Tear stains not only look ugly but if left for too long, can cause infection to set in.

The groomer (or you) needs to trim the hair under the tail to stop any poop from sticking to the rear end.

Hair on the stomach should also be trimmed so that male dogs do not spray wee on themselves which can start to smell really bad.


Cavapoo Training

With the Poodle’s intelligence and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels willingness to please, training a Cavapoo should be very easy.

“They can even be taught tricks and will do well in agility and obedience classes”

Start classes as soon as possible using a gentle approach. Keep the sessions short and as fun as possible to make it enjoyable for them.

I also took my puppy wherever I could after they have had their last vaccinations. She went with to markets, outdoor restaurants and even to my work to get her used to different situations and people.

Everyone patted her and held her.

This is why she is so well socialized as an adult. Do not underestimate how powerful this is.


Cavapoo Characteristics

These dogs are highly adaptable and will adjust to your lifestyle. A walk is always appreciated just as much as cuddling up to you while you watch TV together.

They are even excellent at looking after you if you are sick by happily lying in bed with you to comfort you.


Cavapoo Behavior

If trained and socialized at a young age, then this cross breed is one of the best behaved dogs available.

Just bear in mind that they can be highly intelligent and can become bored so make sure there is always some sort of mental stimulation available to them.

Curly Cavapoo


Even though Cavapoos are not as energetic as Cockapoos, they can do with a regular daily walk.

If this is not possible then make sure that you fit in a good play session in your garden.

As I mentioned before, they are really good at agility so this could be an activity that both of you can join in.



The Cavapoo is an outstanding, friendly family dog that can change to fit into your lifestyle. The cavapoo temperament is second to none.

There exercise requirements are not excessive but they do need lots of attention.

A professional groomer needs to groom your dog.

They are great with children and other pets, easy to train and are real characters.

Cavapoos can live up to 16 years.

They are highly social able and very eager to please which makes them ideal for first time dog owners.

If there coat is more like the poodles, then they could be perfect for people with allergies.

The Cavapoo is truly the perfect family dog!

For more information regarding any health issues, read here.



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