crate train your cavapoo
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Crate training is an essential element to ensuring your puppy is safe and secure. Keep reading to find out how to crate train your puppy.

Some puppies take to it very easily and find safety and security in there crates, while others can be a bit more challenging.

You can decide whether to only use the crate until your puppy is potty trained or if your puppy loved it as much as mine did, then let them use it for there whole lives.

Carry on reading below to find out how to make sure your puppy is happy and content using her crate.

crate training your puppy

Let’s delve into crate training your puppy

Let me be upfront and say that most puppies do not like crates and a good portion of these puppies will test your patience to the limit.

So, if this is the case, then why should you train your puppy to be happy in a crate?

  • A crate can be very useful when potty training your puppy.
  • Your dog can see the crate as his den and will then feel safe and secure.
  • Crating your puppy stops it from destroying items while unsupervised.
  • The crate also allows your puppy to have some down time when she is tired.
  • It is a safe place for your puppy when you have visitors or workmen in your home
  • You can take it with you when you go on holiday for them to sleep in at night
  • A crate is a safe way of transporting your puppy in the car
  • You can sleep soundly at night knowing your puppy is safe

As you can see there are lots of advantages to crate training your puppy.

How to crate train your puppy?

Your Cavapoo puppy should already sleep in its crate from the first night.

The best way to start is to place the crate in your bedroom so that she can hear and see you. Cover the crate with a sheet or towel, leaving only the front section open.

Place a small dog bed or basket in the crate. The size of the crate should just be big enough to allow her to stand, stretch and turn around.

Make sure she has gone outside to potty right before bedtime.

Place her in the crate and use a specific word or phrase. Eg – ‘bedtime’, ‘sleep tight’. Use the exact same phrase or word every night.

If she has fallen asleep elsewhere then pick her up and place her inside the crate and quietly close the door.

Try to use the crate during the day as well and even when you are at home to get her used to being inside it. Do it for very short periods of time and make it a fun event.

Give her some treats or even her meals inside the crate so that she has a pleasant experience while being in there.

How to crate train your puppy

Below is a list that will hopefully be of help to you if your puppy barks, whines, cries or yelps at night while in there crate:

  • Before bringing your puppy home from the breeder, take either a toy or blanket and rub it all over her litter mates and mother to pick up their scent. Place the toy or blanket in the crate. This will hopefully help your puppy to sleep better surrounded by familiar smells.
  • Crying in the middle of the night might be because she needs to go potty. Take her out to the designated potty area and once she is done, place her straight back into her crate. Do not initiate or allow any play time and be totally quiet.
  • Puppy’s last meal should be at least an hour and a half to two hours before bedtime.
  • Also, cut off access to water at least an hour and a half before bedtime so that she will not need to pee too often.
  • Make sure she is tired. Have an extended playtime just before bedtime makes sure that she is exhausted and wanting to sleep.
  • Always cover the crate at night, leaving only the front section open. This makes her crate feel more cozy and protected.
  • Place the crate close to your bed so that she can see you. If she starts to cry then hang your arm down so she can smell your scent or else try to sleep on the floor next to her crate for the first few nights.
  • Place some snugly toys in her crate. No toys with squeakers or else you will not sleep.
  • When she falls asleep during the day then gently move her from the floor and place her in her crate. For the first few times, leave the door open. Once she is comfortable with her crate then you can close the door.
  • Try lying down in front of the open door of her crate and blocking the doorway. Hopefully she will think you are napping with her.
  • Try the toy that simulates the mother’s heartbeat.
  • You will need to take your Cavapoo puppy out to wee a few times during the night until she is a little older. This should only be for the first month to 6 weeks. After that, only take her out once a night and see how she copes.

What NOT to do when crate training:

Never ever use the crate for punishment. She needs to see it as a place of protection and safety and not as a place where she is banished if she is naughty.

Do not bang the sides of the crate to try and shut her up. I know that it can be trying listening to a crying pup but this will just make things worse.

Do not leave her in the crate during the day for more than 3 hours at a time. Her bladder is still too small to hold her wee for such an extended period of time.

If you need to leave her alone for long periods then rather leave her in a cordoned off area of the house or make use of a playpen so that she can move around.

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