Puppy potty training
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Potty training your puppy is one of the first obstacles people think of when there puppy comes home.

 Some puppies pick it up really quickly while others just need more time.

The absolute easiest way to potty train your Cavapoo puppy is to always be in control of where they are and what they are doing.

This way you will quickly learn the signs of when your puppy needs to go and you can then take them outside before they do it inside the house.

By doing this you will also have the added benefit of bonding with them.

If they start to circle, are restless or sniff the ground then that is a sure sign that they need to go potty. Rush them outside!

Cavapoo potty training

Secondly, I would definitely invest in a crate.

Dogs are den animals and as such they will see their crate as their home and place of safety with the added bonus of you knowing exactly where they are.

Always take them outside to potty before confining them.

I crate trained my dogs and it was the best thing that I did. He saw the crate as his den and would wait for me to close the door at night so that he could go to sleep. I think that he saw it as his safe place. I did have the crate in my bedroom which helped.

Below is a very basic schedule that you can try with your Cavapoo. As each puppy has its own unique personality, you will need to adjust this to suit yourself and their needs.

  • Avoid getting her excited by greeting her enthusiastically first thing in the morning, it only makes it harder for them to keep it in.
  • Every times she wakes from a nap rush her outside as her first reaction will be to pee.
  • During and after play - puppies get so excited, they need to go even if they do not know it yet.
  • 5-30 minutes after eating - you’ll soon know if it’s 5 or 30 minutes, but until then, start with bringing them outside 5 minutes after eating and be patient.
  • If nothing of the above mentioned happens, take puppy out every 45-60 minutes to give them the opportunity to relieve themselves
  • Always go to the same area. The scent will make them want to go and they’ll eventually know that this is the place where they relieve themselves.
  • As the last thing you do before going to bed; remember to be patient here as well, even though you just want to go to bed.
  • When she needs to potty in the middle of the night, keep it silent and quick - she might think it’s time to play after having relieved themselves, but you must show her that it is not by being silent and returning her to her bed immediately afterwards.
  • Encourage them to go by using the same phrase every time – go wee, go potty. They will soon associate those words with relieving themselves.
  • Praise, praise and more praise when they do relieve themselves outside. Do not be too loud or over the top. They will know by the tone of your voice that you are happy with them. Use the words – good boy, good girl to show them that they did the right thing.
  • Do not start to praise them while they are still busy relieving themselves. You might cause them to stop in mid pee which is not good. Only praise them straight after they have finished.
  • Do not get discouraged – accidents will happen, especially in the beginning. Just be persistent and the results will come.

Very Important - Do not leave them alone outside. Firstly, you need to see that they have relieved themselves and secondly, we live in a world where puppies are regularly stolen to be resold. It is just not worth the risk.

The other threat can come from predators like eagles, foxes, coyotes, etc. Cavapoo puppies are so small and can easily be seen as food.

Pee Pads

Lastly, I am not a fan of using pee pads for potty training.

If you live in an apartment and have no access to a garden, then I highly recommend Bark Potty instead of pee pads.

I hope this quick guide helps you to potty train your Cavapoo puppy.

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  1. I have a 14 wk old female cavapoo and she uses a exercise pen when we are gone, to stay inside, but she shreds the pee pads, found way to outsmart her, the pads that hospital use for beds , work perfect .

  2. I’m not getting my Cavapoo for a while, but I am on the waitlist so I should be bringing one home December 2020. I live in northern Utah so we do tend to get a lot of snow so I am wondering your opinions on potty training and socialization in the snow? Is it safe to allow puppies outside while its cold and there is potentially snow on the ground, or is it best to keep him/her indoors??

    1. That is a great question and I will try to answer this as best I can :))

      Puppies can go outside when it snows as long as the snow is not so deep that they sink.
      Also keep it as quick as possible.

      Potty training while snowing can be challenging but it is possible.

      Clear an area in your garden where you want your puppy to go potty and make sure you always take them to this area.
      This will make sure it smells like a restroom. Keep this area clear of snow as much as possible and even clear a path that leads to this area.

      Your puppy will need to go out very often when they are very young but this time can be gradually increased as they get older.

      If it is very cold outside then make sure your pup wears a coat and if it goes below 20 degrees then they will need booties to protect there feet.
      When it is time to go, then either carry them to the potty area or walk briskly with your puppy on lead, calling there name with excitement and confidence.
      If you are hesitant then the puppy will pick up on that and be reluctant to follow you.

      Use the same words every time – “go potty” “be a good girl/boy”,
      Try and still make it fun and give lots of praise when they do relieve themselves.

      Once done then take them straight back inside, dry them off and give them a nice cuddle to warm them up :))

      If there is a snow storm and it is impossible to take puppy outside then you can use pee pads but use these as a last resort.
      Place the pads near the door where they would normally go out to potty. Encourage the pup to eliminate on the pads. Once the weather clears then move the pee pad to just outside the door. Every couple of days move the pad further and further away from the house until you remove them totally.

      If anyone else has some suggestions then please feel free to help out here.
      Comment and let us know what worked for you :))

  3. Hi,
    I got a beautiful little 10 week old girl Cavapoo on Friday, struggling with toilet training as always but I’m concerned she hasn’t had a poo since Friday night and it’s now Sunday morning. Do you have any advice on things I can do to make her feel comfortable to go to the toilet?

    Many thanks,

    1. Hi Ann,
      Congrats on your new baby :))
      She is probably just still very unsettled with leaving her Mom and siblings and having to adjust to a totally new environment and people.
      I would just give her a little bit more time and maybe feed her some cooked pumpkin to get her stomach working.
      Are you feeding her whatever the breeder was feeding her?
      If not then she might be adjusting to the different food as well.
      Give her today and tomorrow and if she has not pooped yet then phone your vet and get there advise.
      It might just be a waiting game but it is better to be sure.
      Enjoy your new kid!

    1. Hi Kayla, thanks for the kind words.
      Potty training is not that hard as long as you are patient and consistent.
      Puppies are great and all the hard work is totally worth it in the end.

  4. Hi
    Im getting a puppy in a month and was just wondering about potty training. Some people suggest puppy pads which you gradually move nearer and nearer the door, so eventually he goes outside. Or do I just keep taking him outside during the day and don’t put anything down inside the house.
    With regards to night time, should I get a larger crate so I can put a pad or bark potty in one end of the crate and his bed in the other for nighttime use when he is small.
    Maybe I could put one bark potty tray in his crate and one outside for daytime use.
    Sorry so many questions but want to get it right and make it as easy for the little boy when he arrives



    1. Hi Marisa, I bet you cannot wait for your puppy :))

      If you have a fenced off garden, then I would suggest taking him outside to potty and fully potty training him that way.
      It will mean taking him out very very often during the day for a few months and getting up at least twice at night.

      You can use the bark potty during the night if you struggle getting up or cannot handle not getting a good night’s sleep.

      I am really not a fan of puppy pads because they can easily be seen as a toy by your puppy and they are also unnatural.

      What I love about the Bark Potty is that it is not artificial and is made from natural bark.
      This encourages your puppy to relieve themselves and makes potty training your puppy easier.

      I would use the bark potty for the few months until your puppy is potty trained.
      Use it in place of puppy pads. You can place it in a playpen with his bed, water and toys whenever you want him to be alone for a while.
      It is also useful if you need to go to work or run errands.

      Try to leave him alone for a very short while every day from the time you get him so that separation anxiety does not become a problem later on.

      If you stay in an apartment then the bark potty can be used on a permanent basis.

      Hope this helps.
      Let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.
      You are email me at info@cavapooove.com

  5. Hi,
    We just got an 8 week Cavapoo today and I immediately took him to the area designated as his potty area but I think he thinks its his play area. He hasn’t gone to the bathroom at all in that area and has already pooped once and peed three times in the house. Any suggestions?
    Also, I was told in the middle of the night its better to gently wake him and take him out for potty vs. waiting for him to wake us up. Thoughts?

    Thank you!!!

    1. Hi Annmarie, your puppy just needs more time.

      It takes a few months before he will be completely potty trained.

      You did the right thing in taking him to his potty area, he just needs to know that this is where he needs to potty.

      I know this is gross but you can try the following:
      Put some gloves on your hands.
      Use an old rag or toilet paper and pick up some of the fresh poop from the house.
      Move it to the area where you want him to potty.
      Just leave it there and next time you take him out he should smell it and then relieve himself there.
      Remember to thoroughly clean inside the house so he does not smell his old poop there.

      The key is to take him out very frequently the first few days/week.
      Take him out straight after eating, drinking, waking and playing.

      Wait outside until he has relieved himself.

      He will eventually get it but it will take time and consistency on your part.

      Definitely wake him up twice during the night to go and potty.
      Gently wake him up and carry him outside.
      Do not interact with him.
      Put him down and he should relieve himself quite quickly.
      Once done then simply say ‘good boy’ in a soft voice, pick him up and take him straight back to bed.
      Again, try not to interact with him. Give him a gentle rub and put the lights off and leave him to go back to sleep.

      After a couple of weeks go to once a night.

      Hope this helps!

  6. Hi! I am getting my cavapoo puppy in 2 weeks! My question is can they be outdoor potty trained and indoor potty trained at the same time if I am consistent with teaching both? In my house, its kind of hard to get outside in the middle of the night so I am kind of nervous about potty during night time hours. Any suggestions?

    1. Hi Alessia,

      Congrats on your future arrival, you must be very excited.

      Ideally I would rather encourage you to take your puppy outside to go potty.
      It can make potty training more difficult and take longer if you allow your pup to potty inside as well.

      However, if it will be impossible to take the puppy out at night then my first choice would be the Bark Potty.
      Because it smells of bark, it will smell like outside and hopefully not confuse the pup too much.

      You will need to keep the puppy contained in a small area so that it does not potty throughout the house.
      A playpen would be ideal. Put the bed on one side and the Bark Potty on the other side.

      Make sure the playpen is only big enough for the bed and bark potty.

      Puppies typically do not like to potty where they sleep so they should go potty on the Bark Potty.

      You can find links for both the Bark Potty and the playpen in this post – https://cavapoolove.com/puppy-shopping-checklist/

      Hope this helps :))

  7. Hello, I have a 10 week old Cavapoo and he is doing fine in a crate at night, only waking once to go potty. Would you recommend keeping in a crate during the day while he naps or is it ok to leave him in a playpen with his fluffy bed? Also, what kind of treat do you recommend for training? I was told it’s ok to give Cavapoos Cherrios?

    1. Hi there,

      Sounds like your puppy is doing great :)) Congrats with the crate training.

      You can definitely use a playpen during the day with his bed and a bowl of water inside.
      This will add variety to his sleeping areas.

      I would not give him Cherrios as they are made with whole grains and some varieties contain a lot of sugar.

      You can read my post with my recommended treats here – https://cavapoolove.com/best-treats-for-cavapoos/
      There are treats for adults and puppies.

      Enjoy him!!

  8. Hi!

    We have a seven month old Cavapoo that has been such a joy to add to our family. True to her breed, she has been very difficult to potty train. If we don’t follow a precise schedule, she goes potty in the house. At what age can her expect her to tell us that she has to go outside by whining at the door?

    Secondly, last night and today she started going pee in the house after going outside. They were small, but is this something I can attribute to her being unhappy? I’ve been gone most of the Week during the day. As her “person” is this potentially the issue? She needs more attention?

    I’m really trying to figure out the problem…my husband is ready to call it quits with her just because she isnt potty trained. I strongly disagree, but I need help



    1. Hi Andrea,
      Thanks for reaching out.

      Every dog is different.
      Potty training can take anything up to a year if the puppy is difficult to train.
      Is there any way that she can have access to a potty area without you having to open a door for her?
      It needs to be a secure area that is safe from predators as well as people wanting to steal her.

      Unfortunately some dogs just take longer to ‘click’ than others.

      Dogs do not think like humans do although they do have feelings.
      I do not think she is ‘unhappy’ with you.
      I would get her checked out by the Vet in case she is developing a UTI (Urinary tract infection)
      If the Vet gives the all clear, then keep her outside a little bit longer after she has done her first pee.
      One of my dogs often does a second pee a few minutes after the first one.

      I understand how your husband feels as dogs can be trying but she is now a member of the family.

      She will eventually get it. It just takes time :))

      Hope this helps.

  9. Hey!
    I’m so glad I have found your page, I’m finding it so useful!

    We are picking up our little Cavapoo puppy next week, I work during the week but only gone from the house 4hours each morning.

    I have taken the first week off work to get her used to being at the house etc…

    Any tips on how I should leave her? Do I leave her crated or in an area like my utilty room where her crate will also be?

    Lastly….. where would you recommend the crate going at night, Ive heard mixed reviews some say by your bed and others say don’t start that at all especially if you do not want the dog upstairs which we do not.

    Thanks 😊

    1. Hi Lily,
      Thanks for the kind words. You must be so excited!

      It is not advisable to leave such a young puppy alone for so long.
      Do you maybe have someone that can pop in mid morning and take her for a potty and check she is okay?
      Is there any way you could pop home mid morning?

      When she is a quite a bit older, then she should be okay for 4 hrs.

      As far as the night time is concerned – I had the crate in my bedroom a little away from the bed.
      That way they could see me and be reassured. You will need to take her out at least 3 times during the evening to start with.
      It makes it easier if she is near you so you can wake up if she needs to go potty.

      Some people do have success with keeping there dogs from being in there bedrooms.
      It just depends on the pup.
      I just want them with me so they do sleep on my bed :))

      Hope this helps.

    1. HI Lorraine, that is very exciting. I am very happy for you. I tried feeding my dogs a raw diet but they hated it.
      I am also concerned with salmonella poisoning so have stayed away from it although a lot of people have had great results with feeding raw.
      Just make very sure that you prepare it correctly so that salmonella is not an issue.

  10. Hi!

    Thank you for the information.

    What do you think of giving a high premium treat like cheese for potty training. Are there any issues with the treat?

    Or do you suggest something else. My pup will go outside when we take him but doesn’t seem interested in telling us he needs to go and will happily also pee on the floor inside.


    1. Hi Sandy,
      I am not a fan of giving treats during potty training. I suggest rather using treats for other training like obedience training.
      It does take a few months to properly potty train a puppy with consistency being the key.
      I found that puppies respond much better to positive praise when they have done the right thing.
      Puppies love to please us so if you show that you are happy that they have done their business outside then that should be enough.
      Take him out very frequently for the first couple of weeks and praise him every time he has done his business.
      Gradually reduce the amount of times you take him out until he can hold it in for a few hours.
      It will eventually click :))

  11. Hello,

    I have a young cavapoo puppy who doesn’t understand to do wee and poo outside. Whenever we take him outside to relieve himself (no matter how long we stay outside) as soon as he comes back inside he does his business. He also bites a lot but I’m not sure if you would have any advice on that. Thank you!

    1. Hi There, It takes a few months to properly train a puppy to wee and poo outside.
      You need to be consistent and take him outside when he has just woken up, just eaten and even during play time.
      For the first few weeks take him out every half an hour when he is awake.
      Then gradually make it every hour.
      Praise him whenever he has done it outside.
      He will eventually get it but he needs more time.

      As far as biting is concerned – every puppy bites. It is normal behavior.
      There is an ebook on the front page of the website that you can download to help stop the biting.

      Enjoy your little one :))

  12. Hi

    I got my cavapoo on sunday, I love him so much already. The only problem is, we live on a area with no fence or gated area, but we have a big yard and a long driveway The weather here has been very bad so potty training has been a little hard and if i know he has to go i hate having to hurry and try to put him on a leash before letting him go, and i know he hates it to. do you have any suggestions as to what i should do?

    1. Hi Mikayla,
      They are adorable, aren’t they!
      A lot of people have an inside potty area for when the weather is too bad for puppies to go outside.

      I highly recommend the Bark Potty because it is natural and smells just like outside.
      You can see it on my post here (scroll down to the bottom) – https://cavapoolove.com/apartment-potty-training/

      Is there is an area inside that you could maybe cordon off with a playpen?
      If there is, then create a potty area for him and train him to go there when he needs to go potty.
      Put the Bark Potty inside the playpen and always keep the gate to that area open.

      Once the weather is a little better then it should be easy to train him to go outside.

      Hope this helps!!

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