About Me – My Story


Welcome to the heartwarming world of CavapooLove, where our journey is as unique and special as the Cavapoos we adore.

My story is not just about a website; it’s about a passion that turned into a thriving community.

The Beginning:

It all started with a love for animals, a fascination with the Cavapoo breed, and a desire to share knowledge and experiences.

From the first encounter with a Cavapoo, the journey of CavapooLove began.

I love spaniels and spaniel mixes.

The Growth:

What began as a small blog quickly became a comprehensive resource, driven by the enthusiasm and support of fellow Cavapoo lovers.

My 40-plus years of experience in dog breeding, dog ownership, dog showing, and a deep connection with animals have shaped the foundation of CavapooLove.

The Vision:

My aim has always been to create a space where Cavapoo owners and enthusiasts can find reliable information, share stories, and feel a sense of belonging.

CavapooLove is more than a website; it’s a community, a guide, and a friend to all Cavapoo lovers.


My story is ongoing, and every day brings new tales, friends, and lessons.

Join us in this beautiful journey, and be a part of the CavapooLove story.

You can get in touch with me by emailing me at info@cavapoolove.com, and be sure to follow us on the social media channels below:

Irma with Tucker holding a toy