Best toys for Cavapoos
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Puppies and adult dogs love toys! Toys are not just for entertaining, they are crucial for dental hygiene and hopefully they will also have the added benefit of saving your furniture from those sharp puppy teeth.

Before I list which toys you should consider for your Cavapoo, I need to warn you to never ever buy any sort of rawhide toys or treats.

Rawhide can be contaminated with salmonella or e.coli and even toxic chemicals. It can also cause digestive irritations like diarrhea.

The biggest danger of rawhide is that large pieces can choke your dog to death.

The pieces can get stuck in there throats or even in there digestive tract requiring emergency surgery.

This is why I do not even give my adult dogs any rawhide at all. 

Chew toys for Cavapoos

Puppies love to chew so it is really important that they have some chew toys that can be used for this purpose otherwise they will find other items to chew on.

Some chew toys will last a long time and others will perish quite quickly. Just be aware that you will need to keep replacing them and this is quite normal.

The KONG brand is probably one of the best when it comes to chew toys. Below are 3 KONG chew toys that you can consider.

KONG Dog Toy

The KONG toy is made from all-natural rubber which is gentle on your dog's teeth.

This chew toy teaches your Cavapoo puppy appropriate chewing behavior.

The KONG can be used for various activities.  It has an unpredictable bounce for dogs that just want to play or it can be filled with kibble added to some peanut butter to keep them occupied for hours on end. 

Make sure that the peanut butter does not contain any xylitol as this ingredient is deadly to dogs.

Add the treat-filled KONG to their crate to make crate training easier and more fun for your pup. The KONG comes in various sizes.

The XS is for dogs up to 5lbs (2kg). The S is for dogs up to 20lbs (9kg) and the M is for dogs from 15-35lbs (7kg to 16kg).

I would suggest getting an XS for your young puppy and then also an S for when she is older and bigger.

KONG toys can be washed in the sink using warm water, soap and a bottle brush or toothbrush.

KONG Puppy Teething Stick

The KONG puppy teething stick is perfect for soothing sore gums while gently cleaning the teeth at the same time. Suitable for Cavapoos up to 9 months of age.

Placing a treat inside the grooves will keep your puppy entertained for hours. The little crevices in this toy really soothe tender gums. 

You can wet this toy and place it in the freezer to make it colder, giving your puppy even more relief. 

The Small are for puppies up to 20 pounds, the Medium are for puppies 15-35 pounds and the Large is for puppies 30-65 pounds.

KONG Tires Dog Toy

This durable tire chew is a fantastic toy for chewing because of its unique sidewalls and thick outer tread.

 It is suitable for both puppies and adults and is a great toy for power chewers. This is a tough toy!

These tires are also perfect for bouncy games of fetch. Tuck treats into the middle of it and roll it around to keep your dog entertained.

The medium/large is about the size of a donut. This small size makes it easy for your dog to carry around and play with.

Rope toys for Cavapoos

Rope toys are extremely popular and have been around for decades because of there versatility. Enjoy a game of tug and war with your dog or use it for puppies that are teething. Great for chewing, tossing or tugging, this toy is a must have in any Cavapoo's toy box.

Chose thicker ropes with more strands as these are the most durable ones available and are usually better quality.

Otterly Pets Assorted Small to Medium Ropes, Flying Disc & Ball Dog Toys, 8 count

This is a great deal! You get 8 different rope toys for a super low price. The sizes range from small to medium.

 These ropes are made of high quality 100% cotton fabric ensuring long-lasting and durable toys for your dog. 

The braided ropes help to clean your dog's teeth while massaging there gums at the same time.

Great for tug-of-war or throwing, these rope toys are ideal for single or multi-dog homes.

Otterly Pets Assorted Small to Medium Ropes, Flying Disc & Ball Dog Toys, 8 count

If your dog is chewing heavily on these ropes and they begin to fray then either cut off the frayed edges or remove the rope toy.

Plush toys for Cavapoos

There are literally hundreds of plush or soft toys available for dogs. My favorite brand is GoDog as they have a huge range of toys and they just seem to last much longer than other toy brands.

There prices are very reasonable.

There fun characters are made with a special 'Chew Guard' technology where a tough and durable liner is added to each toy.

They come in bright colors and do contain squeakers. 

The seam is double stitched to make sure this toy lasts. The Flatz toys are made without stuffing, so if you have an heavy chewer, there is minimal cleanup.

When your dog or puppy plays with soft/plush toys then never leave them unsupervised. If they do manage to remove the squeaker then they might swallow it. 

GoDog Plush Toys

Fetch toys for Cavapoos

Nothing helps your Cavapoo to get rid of excess energy more than having a good time of playing fetch. My dog can play fetch for hours if I let her. It is her favorite game.

Playing fetch can help you train your dog to come back to you so it helps with recall. Make sure that after you have thrown the ball that you call your dog in an excited voice and ask them to come back to you. Do not take it from there mouths. Ask them to drop it at your feet.

Chuckit! Classic Launcher

I have one of these launchers and it makes ball throwing so much easier. The launcher allows you to throw the ball much further then you could by hand.

It has the added benefit of you being able to use the launcher to pick up the ball from the ground which means no more dog slobber on your hands.

This toy is perfect for using at a dog park or anywhere where you have lots of space available.

Chuckit! Zipflight Disc Dog Toy

What I like about this toy is that it is easy on your Cavapoo's mouth unlike the hard plastic that freebies are normally made of.

This disc is made up of multiple layers for added durability.

It is a fast-flying toy that will tire your dog and it is easy for them to carry.

It can also float so it can be used on land and water.

ChuckIt! Paraflight Flyer Dog Toy, Large (Orange/Blue)

JW Pet Hol-ee Roller Dog Toy

 A perfect toy for a game of fetch and it bounces too!

It is made of a natural and durable non-toxic rubber which makes it tough enough to handle any chewing.

The toy can also be stuffed with treats to keep your dog entertained when they are alone.

The rubber is elastic enough to allow the ball to be stretched and tugged. A great toy at a great price!

Find out what treats are perfect for your Cavapoo.

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