ACANA Wholesome Grains Dry Dog Food Review

ACANA wholesome grain small breed dog food.

Looking for the perfect dog food? Read our ACANA Wholesome Grains Dry Dog Food Review. Balanced nutrition for small breeds with 60% animal ingredients and 40% wholesome grains. Supports digestion, healthy skin, and coat. Made in the USA with top-quality ingredients. Get it on Amazon now!

Can Cavapoos Drink Milk?

A Cavapoo puppy is being fed milk from a bottle.

Curiosity led you to wonder if dogs can drink milk. While some dogs may be lactose intolerant, small amounts can be safe and enjoyable. Moderation is key to avoid obesity and digestive issues. Consider alternative milk options and consult with a vet. Find out more in this informative post.

How to Read Dog Food Labels – Cavapoo Nutrition

A cavapoo sits next to a box of dog treats.

One of the most important factors in achieving this is understanding how to read dog food labels. With so many different brands and types of dog food on the market, it can be overwhelming to decipher all the information presented on the packaging. This guide will break down the key components of dog food labels … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Cat Food? No-Go for Cavapoos

A cat is standing next to two bowls of food.

Can dogs eat cat food? It’s a question that many pet owners have asked themselves at least once, especially if they own both dogs and cats. Your dog can eat a small amount of cat food on the odd occasion. It is not recommended to only feed your dog cat food as this will have … Read more

13 Tasty Kong Recipes: Cavapoo Approved

A cavapoo wearing a hat and eating from a kong.

Have you heard of a Kong and Kong recipes? It’s more than just a toy; it’s a veritable treasure chest of fun and health benefits for your dog. A Kong is a snowman-shaped, hollow, rubber dog toy that’s tough and durable yet safe for your pet to chew on. What’s unique about Kong is that … Read more

Can Dry Dog Food Go Bad For My Cavapoo?

Cavapoo lying on the ground in the kitchen with a bowl of dry dog food.

As responsible pet owners, we strive to provide the best for our cavapoos, and that includes their diet. Dry dog food is a popular choice due to its convenience and long shelf life. But if you are like me then you have probably been wondering, “Can Dry Dog Food Go Bad?” Yes, dry dog food … Read more

Best Food For Cavapoos in 2023 (And What NOT To Feed Them)

best food for cavapoos

We all want the best for our Cavapoos and the food that they eat is probably one of the most important decisions that we have to make because what they eat can have a drastic effect on their health and quality of life. What is the best food for Cavapoos? If you are anything like … Read more

Cavapoo Feeding Guide – From Puppy to Senior

A cavapoo dog standing on it's hind legs with it's tongue licking it's nose.

When it comes to your cavapoo’s health and well-being, feeding them a balanced and nutritious diet is essential. The right cavapoo feeding guide can help maintain their weight, prevent obesity and provide them with the necessary nutrients they need to thrive. This article will discuss the different life stages of your dog and how often … Read more

Are Eggs Good for Cavapoos?

A steel bowl containing lots of eggs with some more eggs lying on a burlap cloth.

As a cavapoo dog owner, you want to make sure your doggie companion is getting the best possible nutrition. While it can be tempting to stick to the same old kibble and canned foods, adding variety to your dog’s diet can offer numerous benefits. One food that many dog owners consider adding to their dog’s … Read more