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As a Poodle mix, Cavapoo’s need a fair amount of attention and care. An important part of there care is to bath them when necessary. Find out how often to bath your Cavapoo.

If your pup has a longer coat and the home environment is muddy or dusty then you will need to bathe them more often, for example every 2-3 weeks.

Similarly, if your dog has a short coat and they stay mostly indoors and have access to grass then they should only need to be bathed every few months.

Bathing your dog does dry out the skin so try and only bath them when necessary.

Bathing Products

If you want to give your dog a bath, make sure you’ve got the correct products. Human shampoo will most likely irritate his skin & cause sensitivities due to the difference in pH balancing.

So why is skin pH important? Dogs have a skin pH that is different than human skin. They are actually more alkaline than people. This difference in pH is very important to keep in mind since shampoo made for people can be irritating to a dog’s skin.

When bathing a puppy, it is best to go for a shampoo specifically made for puppies. The pH balance of puppy shampoo is equal to the puppy’s eyes, so it doesn’t cause as much irritation as adult dog shampoos.

I do not recommend bathing a puppy younger than 8 weeks of age as they will be too young to regulate there own temperature. The mother dog should be licking them and keeping them clean.

If for some reason you do need to clean them then rather use a face cloth and gently wipe the dirt off.

Prepare First

My dogs know when a bath is imminent because I always get everything together and they see me doing this.

I have a dedicated waist high bathing area outside with a flexible tap that makes bathing very easy on my dogs and on my back.

There are steps at the side so I do not need to lift them up. They just walk up.

Dog wash area

Wherever you plan to bath your Cavapoo, first make sure that everything you need is right there and within easy reach.

You will need a towel or two, shampoo and conditioner. If your setup is not like mine and you are using a bath then you will also need something like a plastic pitcher to pour water over your dog.

A good non-slip mat will help your dog not slide in the bath and make them feel more secure.

Steps to Bath Your Cavapoo

When everything is in place, try and coax your dog using treats to where you plan to bath him.

1) Give your Cavapoo a good brush first to remove any matts or items stuck to there hair.

2) Start running the water to make sure the temperature is warm but not warm enough to burn your dog. Use your arm or hand to test the warmth.

3) Place your dog in the bath or wash area.

4) Wet your dog all over and keep checking the temperature as you are doing this.

5) Shampoo your dog all over his body excluding his head and ears. Leave the head for later. Do not forget to wash under the tail as well.

6) Rinse off and shampoo again. The first time the shampoo removes all the dirt. The second time the shampoo really washes the hair and removes any remaining dirt.

7) Rinse very well until there is no more shampoo left and the water runs clear.

8) Wet the face and ears and be very gentle while doing this. The flow of water must be very low. Avoid getting water in the ear canal by closing the inner ear with your finger when you pour water over the outer ear.

9) Gently shampoo the head and ears using as little shampoo as you can. Use a face cloth if your dog is really sensitive to touch. Avoid getting any shampoo in your dogs eyes even if you are using a puppy shampoo.

10) Rinse off the head and ears and make sure there is no shampoo left on the skin.

11) Apply conditioner to the whole body and ears and a small amount to the face. Work it in very gently and try and leave it on for a few minutes. Distract your dog with either a lick mat stuck to the side of the bath or a toy.

12) Rinse off the conditioner as well as you can and be very careful when rinsing the face and ears. Try your best not to get water inside the ear canal.

13) I then let my dogs shake themselves. Water does go everywhere but as I bath them outside, this is not a problem. It helps to get a lot of the water off quickly.

14) Use a towel and dry him as much as possible. Do not forget the stomach and chest areas.

15) Keep your dog in a draft free warm area until fully dry unless it is really hot outside then he can just run outside and dry naturally. I do not use a hairdryer unless it is really cold and I need to dry them off quickly.

16) When they are completely dry then give him a good brush with the slicker brush to remove loose hair and free up any mats caused by the bathing.

Bathing your cavapoo

How to Bath Your Cavapoo That Hates Water

Some breeds like Golden Retrievers love water while others absolutely hate the thought of having a bath.

To tackle this, try giving your dog lots of positive reinforcement during the bath.

Be gentle and give lots of praise. The odd treat will also help.

Help your dog have positive associations with bathing so that when they see you getting ready for there next bath they do not get too stressed or try and run away.

Get your puppy used to being bathed from a young age so that they enjoy the experience rather than hate it.

If at all possible have someone help you hold your dog when giving him a bath. The bath will go a lot quicker and they can help praise him while you go about the bathing process.

Can I bath my dog once a week?

No, I highly recommend not doing that unless your dog have played in mud or have been sprayed by a skunk.

Do dogs feel better after a bath?

I think that they do. You wll notice him running around like mad with a grin on his face. I do believe that a bath helps take away any irritation they may be feeling.

Should you wash your dogs privates?

Yes you should. There will inevidently be a buildup of wee that is not only smelly but can cause infections so wash these areas as gently as you can.

Do Cavapoos care if they are dirty?

I am not sure but I think that they can become uncomfortable if they are dirty. As a general rule, if they smell then bath your cavapoo.

Can you use baby wipes on dogs?

Rather not as the pH of baby wipes is not suitable for dogs.

Are Cavapoos happier when clean?

Yes they are. Keeping your dog clean is important for your dog’s health & hygiene.


There are times when your Cavapoo is too smelly, has rolled in something or has enjoyed playing in mud. A bath is then needed.

As a general rule, I only bathe when necessary as they go for professional grooming which includes a bath every 6 to 8 weeks.

Make sure to get them used to the process from an early age and make it a fun event so that it will be enjoyable for both of you.

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