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Cavapoos often have a time during the day when they have the zoomies. What is dog zoomies and how do you handle this extreme burst of energy?

Have you ever seen your Cavapoo running around like a mad man and wondered what the heck was going on in that cute little head of theirs?

When you witness this sudden explosion of energy, chances are it is simply a case of the “zoomies.”

Zoomies are more officially known as frenetic random activity periods (FRAP).

You will find your Cavapoo zipping back and forth at frantic speeds with a mischievous glint in their eye and a wide grin on their face during a bout of the zoomies.

Every dog deals with their zoomies in different ways. Some run around in circles while others prefer to sprint at furious speeds back and forth.

Then there are others who change directions erratically.

So, why does your Cavapoo run in circles?

Read on to find out the reasons why your Cavapoo experiences these sudden bursts of energy and how you can safely deal with them.

Why Does Your Cavapoo Get the Zoomies?

Cavapoos are naturally full of energy and tend to get excited very easily and quickly.

This trait is more pronounced in younger puppies.

Usually, dogs engage in the zoomies when they have an excess of energy that has not been dissipated with the day’s activities.

Normally, your Cavapoo should outgrow hyperactive behavior and calm down once they have passed adolescence.

However, sometimes it takes longer for the dog to become calmer.

This could be because when the dog is hyperactive, they receive more attention.

As a result, to get more love and attention, the dog is going to act hyperactive which can result in zoomies even in adulthood.

When Do Cavapoos Get the Zoomies?

As mentioned earlier, zoomies can occur as a result of excess energy buildup.

Dogs are at their most energetic first thing in the morning, when they wake up from a full night’s rest.

If the dog has been crated, zoomies can also happen later in the day or even at night because the dog has not played enough or walked enough to release energy during the day.

Moreover,  your Cavapoo might leap into the zoomies after experiencing an event that excites them like going to the Vet or having a bath.

Zoomies While Playing

Zoomies After a Bath

You may notice your Cavapoo losing its mind after a bath.

This is very common and you are certainly not alone. Most dogs, no matter the breed, behave like this.

Similar to other water-related activities, such as swimming, baths are also common triggers for dogs to go nuts and engage in the zoomies.

This is because bathing is stressful for your Cavapoo and as a result, they use the zoomies as a coping mechanism.

But zoomies after a bath are not always a bad thing. It can also mean that your dog is relieved that bath time is over and as a result, runs around frantically out of happiness.

Zoomies While Playing

Something we dog owners know all too well is how excited our dogs can get while playing.

It is fairly common for dogs to get the zoomies while playing.

This is because they are already excited and sometimes this can lead to over stimulation, resulting in the zoomies.

This is just your dog’s way of enjoying themselves and there is nothing to worry about when it happens.

Aggressive Puppy Zoomies

Sometimes dogs can go overboard with their zoomies which results in biting or nipping along with their frantic movements.

When this happens, your Cavapoo probably does not realize it is being aggressive due to his over excitement.

They get too carried away with their energies and unknowingly exhibit poor behavior as a result of that.

As a Cavapoo parent, infrequent instances of aggression by your dog should not worry you. It is only if they happen frequently that you should take action.

To prevent further incidents, you can try giving your Cavapoo a toy or a treat to refocus their energy.

What Age Do Puppy Zoomies Stop?

Zoomies most often occurs in younger dogs as they are much more energetic than older dogs.

They tend to have an abundance of energy that they need to expend so this phenomenon is nothing unusual in puppy Cavapoos.

Although zoomies are more common in puppies and young dogs, your older Cavapoo might also get them now and then. 

As dogs get older, however, they tend to get fewer bursts of energy and are normally calmer than younger dogs.

Zoomies are pretty common and do not usually indicate a problem.

However, if they seem to happen too often, it might be an indication that your dog is not getting enough exercise throughout the day.

Adding some quick physically taxing games into their day can easily help solve this problem.

Safely Managing Zoomies

Safely Managing Zoomies in Your Cavapoo

It is definitely possible to stop your Cavapoo while they are experiencing zoomies. 

However, I would strongly recommend that you let your dog’s energy take its natural course instead of stopping them.

It is completely normal for your dog to run around really fast in a bout of frenzy.

But if you are concerned about your dog’s safety, there are a few ways you can safely manage zoomies.

A few ways you can safely put a stop to your Cavapoo’s zoomies include:

  • Regular exercise: More often than not, dogs exhibit zoomies because they do not get enough exercise. Giving your dog enough physical and mental exercises throughout the day will tire them out, avoiding any sudden bursts of energy.
  • Teach them commands: Teaching your Cavapoo different commands like “stop” and “sit” can come in handy in this situation. Commands along with the use of treats and rewards will also help distract your dog from their zoomies.
  • Avoid chasing: Chasing after your Cavapoo is probably the worst thing you can do in this scenario. Your dog is causing enough chaos due to their zoomies. You don’t need to join them as well. It will also make the dog run around even more thinking you are playing with them by running after them.


There is nothing wrong with your dog having the zoomies. It is a natural behavior.

I would just sit back, relax and watch your Cavapoo behaving like a mad dog.

Only if they are completely over the top would I think about stopping it.

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