Havapoo vs Cavapoo

Havapoo vs Cavapoo

Trying to decide between a Havapoo vs Cavapoo?

Havapoos and Cavapoos are both friendly, loyal, and happy breeds that can make great family pets.

They have many similar qualities, but also many that make them very different from each other.

It’s important to understand these differences so you can choose the mixed breed that best suits you, your family, and your lifestyle.

We’ll start with a general overview of both Havapoos and Cavapoos and then go deeper into specific categories to help you narrow down your decision.

Cavapoo Overview

The Cavapoo, also sometimes known as the Cavadoodle or Cavoodle, is the result of crossing the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Poodle.

Both Cavapoos and Havapoos are considered designer dog breeds.

That means they are the result of controlled mix-breeding between two established dog breeds.

The Cavapoo was first created in the 1990s to combine the Cavalier’s calm, eager-to-please nature with the Poodle’s low shedding.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Cavapoo vs havapoo differences

Havapoo Overview

The Havapoo, also sometimes known as the Poovanese, Havadoodle, or Havaoodle, is the result of crossing the Havanese and the Poodle.

Like the Cavapoo, the Havapoo is considered a ‘designer’ dog breed.

The history of the Havapoo is not exactly clear.

It was likely created with the same intention as the Cavapoo and did begin to appear in the 1980s.

This was during a time when poodle crosses became very popular.


Size Comparison & Appearance

Both of these dogs vary in size from animal to animal.

In general, Cavapoos will weigh between 9 and 25 pounds and Havapoos will weigh between 7 and 30 pounds.

As for their height, Cavapoos range from 9 to 14 inches at the shoulder, and Havapoos 8 to 15 inches.

Appearance-wise, the Havapoo and Cavapoo can at times look very similar.

That happens when the poodle part of their parentage comes through dominantly in their appearance.

That being said, if they take after their other side the two can look fairly

In general, Cavapoos have compact faces, floppy ears, endearing large eyes, and expressive eyebrows.

Havapoos will often look less poodle-like than Cavapoos and take after their Havanese side.

Coat & Colours

Due to their mixed ancestry, both the Cavapoo and Havapoo can take after either side of their lineage (ie either the Poodle or the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel/Havanese).

If they take after the poodle in their pedigree, they will have those typical Poodle curls.

Whereas they can have a straighter fur texture if they take after their other side.

As for coat colors, you can find the Cavapoo in black, white, apricot, ruby, cream, fawn, and chocolate.

They can also be any mixture of these colors.

Havapoos can be solid, two colors, or even three colors.

They can be found in brown, fawn, tan, gray, white, black, silver, and liver. Other color variations can also be found.

Health Conditions

Cavapoos are predisposed to the same health conditions that both the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Poodle are.

These would include things like congenital heart issues, progressive retinal atrophy, and slipping kneecaps.

In general, though, Cavapoos are fairly healthy.

The same goes for Havapoos in terms of them being fairly healthy dogs in general.

Potential health problems that the Havapoo faces are hip dysplasia, thyroid issues, epilepsy, patellar luxation, deafness, and dental issues (which can be prevented by regular dentist checkups).

Havapoos are known to suffer from allergies.

Temperament & Behavior

Cavapoos are social dogs who form deep bonds with their owners.

Attention is the key to a happy Cavapoo.

These dogs generally get on well with children which makes them a great family dog option.

They are intelligent dogs who can easily be trained.

Cavapoos are sensitive gentle souls and even make good therapy dog options.

Havapoos are clever, happy, lap dogs who make fantastic little friends.

They are intelligent and love to please making them a good choice for someone wanting to teach their dogs lots of tricks.

Havapoos are affectionate dogs who, like the Cavapoo, generally get on well with children.

Havapoos also tend to get on well with other family pets like cats.

Separation Anxiety

Small companion dogs tend to suffer from separation anxiety with both the Havapoo and Cavapoo falling into this group.

A Cavapoo needs to be trained from a young age to be left alone and as long as this is done then they will cope with you being away.

The Havapoo is a mix between a Poodle and a Havanese.

The Havanese is an anxious dog and is known to suffer badly from separation anxiety.

Unfortunately, this trait is passed on to the Havapoo which means they do not like to be left alone.


Provided all of their needs are met, Cavapoos live between 10 – 15 years and the same goes for Havapoos.

Some believe that mixed breed dogs that come from purebred backgrounds can be healthier than their ancestors due to something called ‘hybrid vigor’.

The theory is that when two breeds are crossed together, only the strongest genes get passed on.

This could mean that Havapoos and Cavapoos are sometimes healthier than Poodles, Cavaliers, and Havanese.

Whether this is entirely true or not is hard to prove.

Energy Levels & Exercise Requirements

Cavapoos enjoy an active lifestyle and need to be properly stimulated to keep them happy.

This means an hour of exercise a day which can easily be made up by a walk or two and a good game of fetch.

But these guys aren’t active 24/7 and enjoy a good nap on the couch as much as a nice walk.

Havapoos are medium-energy dogs who also need daily exercise.

Like the Cavapoo, a good walk and some games each day are more than enough to keep the Havapoo content.

Havapoo vs cavapoo size
Cavapoo puppy

Grooming & Maintenance

Cavapoos need to be brushed at least twice a week (ideally 3 to 4 times).

This will make sure they do not develop knots in their fur.

If your Havapoo has more of the Havanese coat, frequent brushing is needed to avoid the fur becoming ‘corded’.

A good grooming at least twice a week will do that.

A lot of Poodle mix owners choose to shave their dogs and this is also a good option for Cavapoos and Havapoos if you want a lower-maintenance coat.

If they are kept clipped, grooming won’t be needed as regularly to avoid knotting.

They can comfortably be clipped twice a year and bathed every 6 weeks or so to get rid of any grime they have built up from those walks.

If you have decided to keep your dog clipped, make sure they have a good winter coat for when temperatures start to drop.

Since Cavapoos and Havapoos are small dogs, they can be sensitive to the cold.

Another thing to keep in consideration for both of these dogs is regular eye and ear checks.

Due to their fluffy faces, it is important to make sure no hairs are irritating their eyes and keep the fur around them trimmed so the pooch can see properly.

As for their ears, a careful wipe-down with a damp cloth will be enough to keep their ears in good shape.

It also allows you to catch things like ear infections early.


In conclusion, there are many similarities between the Cavapoo and the Havapoo.

Both make good options if you are looking for a family dog and both suit a moderately active lifestyle.

If you want a dog that will be good with children and enjoy daily walks, a dog that is playful and intelligent, and something adorable, you can’t go wrong with either of these guys.

A Cavapoo however, will be a better choice if you have a busy work schedule.

A very similar mix breed is the Maltipoo which you can also consider.

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