Best Dog Door For Cavapoos: My Top Picks

A dog door installed on a white door leading into the house.

I know that not everyone needs or desires a dog door in their home but I have found them invaluable and would never be without one.

A dog door provides freedom and convenience for both you and your Cavapoo.

They not only allow your pet to have more independence but also reduce the number of times you need to let your dog in and out, saving you precious time throughout the day.

The following best dog doors offer exceptional quality and performance while also catering to a diverse range of needs.

Here we’ll guide you through these top picks, helping you choose the best dog door for you and your Cavapoo.

Best Dog Doors

PetSafe NEVER RUST Dog and Cat Door

PetSafe NEVER RUST Dog and Cat Door, Medium, For Pets Up To 40 lb, Paintable, Easy DIY Installation, Closing Panel Included, Install in Interior and Exterior Doors or Walls, Durable, Adjustable Flap

The PetSafe NEVER RUST Dog and Cat Door is a must-have for giving your pets the freedom to come and go as they please.


  • Suitable for pets up to 40 lb
  • Durable and paintable plastic frame
  • Includes a snap-on closing panel for controlling pet access


  • Some difficulty in installation
  • May require modifications for wall installations
  • Gaps may be present with grooved door installations

The PetSafe NEVER RUST Dog and Cat Door is designed to provide your Cavapoo with the freedom to go outside for potty breaks and playtime on their schedule.

This medium-sized door is suitable for pets up to 40 pounds and has a flap opening measuring 8 1/4″ W x 12 1/4″ H.

The durable, paintable plastic frame allows you to match the pet door to your door’s existing color, ensuring it blends seamlessly with your home décor.

The included snap-on closing panel allows you to control your pet’s access and keep stray animals out of your home.

This feature helps maintain your home’s security and your pet’s safety.

Though the installation is designed as an easy DIY project, some users may experience difficulty, particularly when installing the door in a metal or grooved door.

In such cases, additional modifications or professional help may be needed.

Despite these potential installation challenges, the PetSafe NEVER RUST Dog and Cat Door is a reliable and convenient addition to any Cavapoo owner’s home.

Its durability and customizability make it an attractive solution for granting your pets the freedom they desire while allowing you to maintain control over their access.

PetSafe Extreme Weather Dog and Cat Door

PetSafe Extreme Weather Dog and Cat Door - Aluminum Frame Pet Door - Medium

The PetSafe Extreme Weather Dog and Cat Door is perfect for those seeking to optimize energy efficiency and provide their Cavapoos with some freedom.


  • Energy efficient, blocking drafts in any climate
  • Encourages exercise and independence for pets
  • 3-flap insulation with magnetic seal


  • Requires DIY installation
  • Pricier than some alternatives
  • May need additional weather stripping

The PetSafe Extreme Weather Dog and Cat Door is designed to optimize your energy bill with its energy-efficient construction that protects your home from drafts, regardless of the climate.

This door offers your pets the independence and freedom to go in and out without needing your assistance, perfect for potty breaks or playtime.

Equipped with 3-flap insulation, this door is insulated to block up to three times more thermal energy compared to standard pet doors.

It also features adjustable, flexible flaps with a magnetic seal, ensuring that the weather stays outside where it belongs.

The durable metal frame reinforced with aluminum corners is built to last, handling multi-pet households with ease.

Although this door requires some DIY installation and may come at a higher price point in comparison to other alternatives, the benefits are worth considering.

Additionally, some users mentioned the need for extra weather stripping to prevent drafts.

Regardless of these minor drawbacks, this dog door is a top-rated option for those looking to provide their pets with freedom while maintaining an energy-efficient home.

Baboni Pet Door for Walls

Baboni Pet Door for Wall, Steel Frame and Telescoping Tunnel, Aluminum Lock, Double Flap Dog Door and Cat Door, Strong and Durable (Pets Up to 40 Lb) -Medium

The Baboni Pet Door is a top choice for pet owners seeking convenience and durability for their Cavapoos but needs to install the dog door in a wall.


  • Freedom and independence for pets
  • Easy installation process
  • Durable and energy-saving design


  • May not fit all wall thicknesses
  • May require a stud-free installation area

The Baboni Pet Door for Wall is perfect for giving your dogs the freedom to go in and out without your help.

They can enjoy a more comfortable and liberated lifestyle.

The telescoping tunnel accommodates walls that are 4 3/4 – 7 1/4 inches thick, making it suitable for a wide range of home interiors.

When it comes to installation, you’ll appreciate the easy-to-follow instructions included.

The pet door can be installed in various types of interior and exterior walls, and the cut-out template makes it simple to get the perfect fit.

Keep in mind, though, that it’s essential to ensure no studs are in the wall where you plan to install the door.

Constructed with a metal laser welding process and high-quality steel aluminum alloy, the Baboni Pet Door is designed for durability, security, and thermal insulation.

The double-flap design provides weatherproofing while also conserving energy by protecting against drafts.

The Baboni Pet Door ensures your Cavapoo will have the freedom it craves while providing you with a reliable and energy-saving solution.

As a Cavapoo owner, you’ll appreciate the convenience of this well-designed door that supports your dog’s independent nature.

BarksBar Original Plastic Dog Door

BarksBar Large Plastic Dog Door with Aluminum Lining and Soft Vinyl Flap, 2-Way Security Locking Slide Panel, Telescoping Frame - Large 10.5 by 15 inches Flap Size, White

The BarksBar Large Plastic Dog Door is an excellent choice for pet owners seeking a convenient and secure pet entry solution for their dogs.


  • Durable construction for dogs up to 100 lbs
  • Soft flexible heavy-duty vinyl flap with a magnetic closure
  • Easy to install with a telescopic frame


  • Might require additional weatherproofing in extreme climates
  • Some pets may need time to acclimate to the noise of the magnetic closure

The BarksBar Large Plastic Dog Door with Aluminum Lining offers a secure and comfortable option for your dogs to enter and exit your home with ease.

Its sturdy construction can accommodate dogs up to 100 lbs, making it ideal for even the biggest Cavapoos.

The soft flexible vinyl flap and magnetic closure ensure that your pet can pass through the door without difficulty while still providing a barrier against external elements.

Installation is straightforward, with the telescopic frame making it a breeze to fit the dog door onto your existing doors.

The removable self-locking slide panel also allows you to restrict access when the door is not in use, providing an additional layer of security against extreme weather, air drafts, bugs, and insects.

One potential drawback to consider is that the BarksBar dog door may require additional weatherproofing measures if you live in an area with extreme climate conditions.

It is also worth noting that some pets may initially be wary of the noise produced by the magnetic closure and may require some time and patience to get used to it.

Overall, the BarksBar Large Plastic Dog Door with Aluminum Lining is a reliable and user-friendly option for pet owners seeking a simple, functional, and convenient pet entry solution.

Its combination of durability, ease of use, and security features make it an excellent investment for you and your furry friend.

PetSafe 1-Piece Sliding Glass Pet Door

PetSafe 1-Piece Sliding Glass Pet Door for Dogs & Cats - Adjustable Height 75 7/8" to 80 11/16"- Large, White, No-Cut Install, Aluminum Patio Panel Insert, Great for Renters or Seasonal Installation

The PetSafe 1-Piece Sliding Glass Pet Door is an excellent choice for pet owners in apartments or rental homes, providing convenience and easy removal and installation.


  • Easy, no-cut installation ideal for renters and seasonal use
  • Adjustable height to fit various sliding door tracks


  • Weatherstripping might be insufficient for harsh climates
  • May not fit some older sliding door designs
  • The locking mechanism may not be as secure as desired

This dog door offers an easy and convenient solution for pet owners in apartments or rental homes, as it can be effortlessly installed without cutting into doors or walls.

The adjustable height allows for a perfect fit in most sliding door tracks.

The PetSafe 1-Piece Sliding Glass Pet Door is made with weather-resistant aluminum and shatter-resistant tempered glass, ensuring durability and long-lasting use.

The magnetic closure on the pet flap helps to maintain energy efficiency, minimizing heat and cold transfer between the indoors and outdoors.

While this pet door has many benefits, it’s essential to consider some potential drawbacks.

The weatherstripping included may not be sufficient in extreme climates, requiring additional weatherproofing measures.

Additionally, some older sliding door designs might not be compatible with this pet door, and the locking mechanism may not provide the desired level of security for some users.

Overall, the PetSafe 1-Piece Sliding Glass Pet Door is a smart investment for pet owners seeking a hassle-free solution for their pets’ freedom while living in apartments or rental homes.

The ease of installation, adjustable sizing, and easy removal make it a top choice for you and your Cavapoo.

PetSafe NEVER RUST Screen Door

PetSafe NEVER RUST Screen Door - Size Small – For Dogs and Cats up to 30 lb – Use in Screen Doors – Window Screens and Porch Screens

Choose the PetSafe Never Rust Screen Door for a durable and convenient solution for your pets to enjoy indoor-outdoor freedom.


  • Encourages exercise and independence for pets
  • Easy to install in screen doors, window screens, and porch screens
  • Durable, high-impact plastic frame and tear-resistant mesh


  • May not be suitable for pets over 30 pounds
  • Locks can be a bit tricky to operate
  • Installation may require additional reinforcement for sturdier support

Perfect for pet owners looking to provide their dogs with easy access to both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Designed for simple installation, this pet screen door can be quickly added to screen doors, window screens, and even porch screens.

The high-impact plastic frame and puncture-resistant mesh make it a long-lasting choice.

It’s intended for pets under 30 pounds, so check your pet’s size before purchasing.

Despite its numerous advantages, the PetSafe Never Rust Screen Door has some minor shortcomings.

The sliding locks can be challenging to maneuver at times, and installation may require additional reinforcement depending on your existing screen structure.

If you’re searching for a convenient and durable solution for granting your pets independent access to the outdoors, the PetSafe Never Rust Screen Door is an excellent choice.

With its ease of installation and sturdy materials, this pet door adds both utility and value to your home.

However, be mindful of the size limitations and potential installation concerns for the best experience.

PetSafe NEVER RUST Electronic Pet Door

PetSafe NEVER RUST Electronic Pet Door - Automatic Dog and Cat Door - For Large Pets - Pets up to 100 lb

The PetSafe Electronic Pet Door offers a customizable and secure solution for your pet’s access needs.


  • Programmable selective entry, exit, and auto-locking options
  • Waterproof and compatible with multiple pets
  • Battery-operated for easy installation in interior/exterior doors


  • Requires 4 D-Cell batteries (not included)
  • Wall installation requires a separate purchase of a wall install kit
  • Limited to 5 electronic pet door keys

This PetSafe Electronic Pet Door allows you to customize access for your pet, ensuring that only your pet and those wearing the electronic key can enter and exit.

The waterproof electronic pet door key can be worn on your pet’s collar.

This might not be ideal if your dog does not wear a collar so keep that in mind.

The door key provides you with peace of mind knowing that intruders or other animals cannot enter your home through the pet door.

The battery-operated feature of this PetSafe Electronic Pet Door makes installation a breeze, as it does not require hardwiring or professional installation.

However, keep in mind that it requires 4 D-Cell batteries, which are not included in the product.

For households with multiple pets, the PetSafe Electronic Pet Door can accommodate up to 5 electronic pet door keys.

Unfortunately, if you have more than five pets that need access, this door may not be the best fit for your household.

The PetSafe Electronic Pet Door provides a convenient, customizable, and safe option for your Cavapoo’s access to your home.

Buying Guide

Consider the Size of Your Dog

When choosing the best dog door, the first thing to consider is the size of your dog.

Measure your dog’s height and width to ensure the door you select will comfortably accommodate them.

Keep in mind that puppies can grow, so think about their expected adult size if you’re getting a door for a young dog.

Materials and Durability

The materials used to construct a dog door play a crucial role in its durability and overall performance.

Common materials include:

  • Plastic: Economical and lightweight, but might not withstand more substantial or active dogs.
  • Aluminum: Sturdier than plastic and can better withstand the test of time, but usually more expensive.

Ensure that the dog door you choose can withstand your dog’s strength, activity level, and the climate in your area.

Installation Locations

Consider where you’d like to install your dog door. Popular installation locations include:

  1. Doors: The traditional location for a dog door, works well for both screen doors and wooden doors.
  2. Walls: When a door isn’t an ideal location, installing the pet door through a wall may be a better option.
  3. Sliding glass doors: Some dog doors are specially designed to fit the frame of a sliding glass door, making installation easy without any permanent alterations.

Security Features

To protect your home and your pet, take into account these additional security features:

  • Locking mechanisms: To ensure your home’s safety, opt for a dog door with a reliable locking mechanism.
  • Smart doors: Some modern dog doors use microchips, magnets, or RFID tags to grant access only to your pet, keeping unwanted animals out.

Energy Efficiency

An energy-efficient dog door helps maintain your home’s temperature and can save money on energy bills.

Look for dog doors with:

  • Flaps with weatherstripping or the ones made of double or triple layers of material to insulate against heat or cold.
  • Covers or inserts designed to keep out drafts.

Tips for Dog Doors

I cannot stress enough that the dog door must only lead to a secure area.

By secure I mean that the area is either fenced or walled in.

Ideally, it should also open up to an area that is not visible from the street or to people walking by.

Why I say this is that Cavapoos get stolen every day and you don’t want that to happen to your dog.

They get stolen so they can be resold or used as bait dogs for dog fighting.

Nothing is as traumatic as not knowing what has happened to your dog.

If you live in an area that has predators like eagles, coyotes, or bears then I suggest only allowing a dog door to have access to a small area that is not only fenced but also has some sort of netting covering the area.

I know this sounds drastic but it is not uncommon for eagles to swoop down and take small dogs.

Bears, coyotes, and cougars are opportunistic hunters that are also known to kill domestic dogs for food.

Where I Use a Dog Door

I am lucky in that our house has a very secure enclosed pool and lawn area.

Our house is “U” shaped and the only access to the enclosed area from the outside is via a big door that is constantly locked.

This way I know my dogs are not at risk of being stolen or preyed upon.

cavapoo dog door

The dog door leads from the lounge area to the secure enclosed area.

The photo shows it closed and even though this area is very secure, I close the door at night so my dogs don’t stand outside barking.

The pool itself is covered with a fine mesh net so there is no danger of the dogs falling in and drowning.

This door has saved me massively on time and convenience.

When we go to work then we open the dog door so the dogs can go and relieve themselves while we are gone.

If any of my dogs are sick with gastro issues at night then I also open the door so they can go outside and potty without me having to get up and let them out.

Consider your specific needs, such as durability, installation ease, security, energy efficiency, and technological features, when choosing the best dog door for your Cavapoo.

Each of these products offers something unique, ensuring there’s a perfect fit for every dog owner’s preferences and requirements.

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