Dog Booties for Cavapoos

dog booties for cavapoos

Are dog booties even needed and why should you even consider buying some for your dog?

The quick answer is Yes, dog booties serve a function and are an important piece of equipment that protects your dog’s paws.

If you and your best buddy are going to be walking in weather that is extremely hot or extremely cold, or if you are going to be accompanying each other across rocky terrain, a pair of dog boots can protect their paws against serious injury and pain.

A quality pair of dog booties for Cavapoos can protect your canine companion’s sensitive paws from the damaging effects of temperature and weather extremes as well as from pests like grass seeds.

Dog boots protect their paws from frostbite, harmful ice melts, salt on the roads, and slick ice spots throughout the colder months of the year.

In addition, during the warmer months, they shield the delicate paw pads from the effects of hot surfaces, such as sun-baked driveways, hot pavements, and searing sand.

Dog booties are also useful around the house.

Dogs with joint problems, such as those caused by old age or disorders like hip dysplasia, can benefit from the extra traction provided by dog booties.

There’s something here for every Cavapoo, from those in need of lightweight boots for a stroll in the park to those who need sturdy boots for serious hiking.

Which Dog Booties is Best for Your Cavapoo?

Here are the best dog booties for Cavapoos:

Good dog boots should protect your dog’s paws from whatever element or situation they need protecting from be it rain, snow, laminate flooring, beach sand, burning asphalt, or rocky terrain.

They are not a fashion statement but perform an essential service to your dog.

They need to stay secure and not slip off and should be comfortable so that your Cavapoo will enjoy wearing them.

Keeping this in mind, the following are some dog boots that I recommend.

Let’s dive in:

QUMY Dog Boots Waterproof Shoes – Best Overall

QUMY Dog Shoes for Large Dogs, Medium Dog Boots & Paw Protectors for Winter Snowy Day, Summer Hot Pavement, Waterproof in Rainy Weather, Outdoor Walking, Indoor Hardfloors Anti Slip Sole Black Size 6

  • 2 Velcro straps help keep these boots very secure
  • Reflective strips ensure high visibility
  • Tough anti-slip soles provide stability and traction
  • A large range of sizes to cover any size paw
  • Not suitable for deep snow or water
  • The length is a bit short
  • Not machine washable

These boots, which come in six various colors, include a split seam opening that makes them simple to put on and take off.

With two Velcro straps, they can be adjusted for the perfect fit.

These boots are perfect for most Cavapoos from young to old and will suit most situations.

That is why they come highly recommended as the best overall dog boots.

You can get the QUMY Dog Boots Waterproof Shoes from Amazon here.

Muttluks Original Fleece-Lined Dog Boots – Best for Snow

Muttluks, Original Fleece-Lined Muttluks Winter Dog Boots with Leather Soles for Cold Weather - 4 Boots

  • Fleece inner lining for extra warmth
  • Soft, flexible leather soles
  • Reflective band to help with visibility
  • Leather sole for more flexibility
  • Great for wearing in snow
  • Not as durable or long-lasting as other boots
  • The leather soles do not grip well enough for very slippery conditions

These boots are made from a waterproof nylon that will keep your dog’s feet dry and they have an inner fleece for extra warmth.

The leather sole bends with your Cavapoo’s paw giving a more natural feel.

The Muttluks Fleece-Lined boot hook and loop strap are fastened between the paw pad and dewclaw preventing discomfort but still keeping the boot from falling off.

Give these boots a try if you know your Cavapoo is going to be playing or walking in snowy conditions.

You can get the Muttluks Original Fleece-Lined Dog Boots from Amazon here.

EXPAWLORER Waterproof Dog Shoes – Best for Hiking and Running

Expawlorer Anti-Slip Dog Shoes for Large Dogs,Dog Booties for Winter with Rugged Sole and Reflective Strap,Waterproof Dog Rain Boots,Dog Paw Protectors for Cold/Hot Pavement,Dog Snow Shoes for Outdoor

  • Reflective material
  • Skid-resistant design
  • Two fasteners straps
  • Padded inside to prevent chafing
  • The velcro straps are thin and can come loose

The flexible lug design on these boots gives your dog superb control.

They have grooved soles, which improve control even more and safeguard your dog’s paws from the cold.

Additionally, the ergonomic style of these shoes provides your dog with greater comfort as he goes about his everyday activities.

There are 8 distinct sizes available.

These shoes are simple to put on and take off thanks to the expanded closing mechanism on the hook and loop fasteners.

These boots provide your dog’s feet with all-around protection thanks to their durable and water-resistant soles making sure that your dog’s feet won’t get damaged whether they are stepping on asphalt, snow, or sharp objects.

These boots can be used by all Cavapoos but they come into their own if you want to walk your dog on gravel, take him hiking or running.

You can get the EXPAWLORER Waterproof Dog Shoes from Amazon here.

XSY&G Dog Boots – Best For Hot Pavements

XSY&G Dog Boots,Waterproof Dog Shoes,Dog Booties with Reflective Strips Rugged Anti-Slip Sole and Skid-Proof,Outdoor Dog Shoes for Small Medium Large Dogs 4Pcs Leopard-Size 2

  • Soft and hand-washable
  • Durable anti-slip soles
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Fastened by two straps
  • Not waterproof
  • Show wear quickly

The XSY&G Dog Boots are perfect for the summer months, shielding your dog’s paws from scalding asphalt.

Each set includes four pairs of shoes, with eight different sizes to choose from.

Also, you may pick from four other colors, including black, orange, pink, and leopard print.

Your dog’s paws will be protected from the hot pavement by the thick rubber soles of these shoes, and the shoes’ permeable sides will let excess moisture escape.

The boots have a large opening at the top for a simple on-and-off process, and two velcro straps that can be adjusted for a snug fit around your dog’s feet.

The shoes are on the short side, so they won’t rub against your dog’s dew claw, but this makes them less than ideal for use in the snow.

You can get the XSY&G Dog Boots from Amazon here.

Ultra Paws Durable Dog Boots – Most Comfortable For Sensitive Paws

Ultra Paws Durable Dog Paw Protector|Dog Boots|Dog Shoes|Red Light Duty Heat, Water Resistant Dog Booties for hot Pavement for Small Dogs (Size 2)

  • Light duty boots
  • Wide opening seam for easy slip-on
  • Made from super comfortable nylon
  • Adjustable Velcro straps that lock the boots in place
  • Not waterproof but are water resistant
  • Not as durable as other dog booties

These boots have a sole made of highly flexible PVC, which is perfect for sensitive dogs that might not feel comfortable wearing boots with a sole made of hard rubber.

Even if the traction isn’t as good as it is with boots that have thicker soles, it’s still good enough to grip sidewalks and trails while protecting the paws at the same time.

These boots are perfect for Cavapoos that have sensitive paws, especially ones that suffer from allergies that cause sores and rashes on their feet.

You can get the Ultra Paws Durable Dog Boots from Amazon here.

EXPAWLORER Anti-Slip Dog Socks – Best For Hardwood Floors

EXPAWLORER Anti-Slip Dog Socks-Double Sides Grips Traction Control on Hardwood Floor,Dog Shoes for Hot/Cold Pavement,Best Paw Protector,Prevents Licking,for Puppy Small Medium Large Senior Dogs

  • Prevents slipping on hardwood floors
  • Stops dogs from licking their paws
  • Soft, light knit fabric
  • Extra adjustable and detachable belt to keep socks on
  • Not for outside use
  • The gripper pads tend to wear quite quickly

The EXPAWLORER double-sided, anti-slip dog socks, which come in small, medium, and large sizes, are secured to your dog’s ankles by Velcro straps and have lovely paw print grips on both sides.

These double-sided non-slip socks for dogs are an ingenious solution to the problem of socks turning over when your dog is moving around.

They are made of a soft material with non-slip grips on each side, ensuring your dog has stability even if the socks twist.

Each sock’s Velcro closure at the top ensures a snug fit that won’t budge.

These socks are perfect for Cavapoos with mobility issues or if your dog keeps slipping on your hardwood floors.

You can get the EXPAWLORER Anti-Slip Dog Socks from Amazon here.

PawZ Dog Boots – Best Disposable Boots

PawZ Rubber Dog Boots for Paws up to 2", 12 Pack - All-Weather Dog Booties for Hot Pavement, Snow, Mud, and Rain - Waterproof, Anti Slip Dog Socks - X-Small, Black

  • Affordable Price
  • Multiple wears
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Color-coded according to size
  • Waterproof
  • Not recommended for very hot surfaces as the rubber can melt
  • Not to be used in snow

The PawZ Rubber Dog Boots slip over your dog’s paw and are secured by a stretchy rubber collar, making them look more like socks than traditional dog boots.

They are quite tight around the neck part so it is advisable to buy one size up to avoid them hurting your dog.

These dog boots are great at keeping your dog’s feet dry, but they won’t keep his feet warm.

Grip soles are also absent from the PawZ footwear.

In their place is a consistent rubber that is thin enough to allow your dog’s paw to grasp normally in most instances.

These boots are ideal as a quick solution and to keep in your car or at home in case your dog needs them.

They are suitable for light rain and muddy conditions to keep your dog’s paws clean.

Warning – These boots are not to be used for hot surfaces.

You can get the PawZ Dog Boots from Amazon here.

Are Doggie Boots Right For Your Cavapoo?

There are several options of dog boots available to ensure your Cavapoo’s paws are protected and not injured when they go about their daily lives.

Doggie boots offer not just protection but can also help your older dog when they become less sure on their feet by giving them the grip they need to stand up and walk around.

Here’s why:

Doggie boots prevent injury from glass, sharp gravel, and stones.

Your dog’s paws are soft, sensitive, and prone to injury.

Any kind of activity like hiking, running or even walking on gravel roads can result in a painful injury or cut that could require medical attention.

Dog boots protect against ice and snow.

During the winter months, boots can protect your Cavapoo’s delicate paws from ice and snow.

They also prevent chemical burns caused by de-icers and stop sharp salt crystals from penetrating their paws.

Boots will stop snow accumulating on your Cavapoos hairy legs allowing them to enjoy their time outside.

Summertime protection.

If you live in an area that gets hot in summer then boots will prevent painful concrete burns to your dog’s feet.

Asphalt and concrete get extremely hot and can cause third-degree burns.

A good test is to press your hand against the surface for a few seconds.

If the ground is too hot for your hand then it will be too hot for your dog to walk on.

Doggie boots will still allow your dog to take a walk even on the hottest of days.

Hiking or rough terrain

If you love to take your dog hiking or running over rough terrain then boots will give them the protection that they need.

Boots should also give your dog’s feet better traction.


Some Cavapoos suffer from grass allergies making it almost impossible for them to walk on grass.

Booties will prevent exposure and irritation caused by grass and weeds.

Age or Injury

As dogs age they tend to struggle to get up and can become unsteady on their feet.

They can start to drag their feet causing injury to their paw pads.

Use booties to help give them traction and at the same time help protect against further injury.

When cuts and scrapes are kept clean and dry, they heal faster.

If your dog has injured a paw, putting a boot on the foot will help it heal more quickly.

How To Measure Dogs For Boots

The easiest way to measure your dog’s paw is to place a white piece of paper on even flooring.

The paw that you want to measure should be on the paper.

Ensure that your dog has his full weight on the paw that you want to measure.

The paw needs to be splayed for an accurate measurement.

If it is not splayed then the boot will be too small.

Take the opposite paw gently in your hand to encourage your dog to put its full weight on the paw that you want to measure.

Mark each side at its widest point, and front and back.

Don’t forget to include the toenails.

Measure each paw separately as sometimes the front paws can be a different size than the back paws.

These are the measurements you will use when you make your purchase.

How To Train Your Cavapoo To Love Wearing Their Boots

Once you’ve decided which of these top dog booties is the best match for your Cavapoo and what size to get, it’s important to introduce the boots to them in a positive way.

Rather than simply slapping the boots on them and heading out for a walk, spend a little time getting used to them before heading out the door.

With some patience and good treats, your dog will be happy to put the boots on while holding still.

The boots will also become associated with going outside on walks, so that will build positive feelings about them.

Ultimately, boots are a tool to help you and your dog enjoy life together with more ease and comfort.

So whether your pup likes leisurely neighborhood walks, or they love long, adventurous hikes, well-fitting dog booties can be a great option for your Cavapoo.

P.S – Is your dog needing a waterproof coat? Check out these waterproof coats.

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