Can Cavapoos Have Ice Cubes and should they?

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In the present sweltering heat, giving your dog an ice cube seems like a great idea.

But is it?

It is important to know if an ice cube can cause your Cavapoo any harm and can Cavapoos have ice cubes?

The most frequently asked questions about giving ice to your dog will be addressed in this article.

We’ll talk about the possible dangers of giving your dog ice cubes, the possibility of bloat, and whether or not ice cubes can aid in a dog’s recovery from heatstroke.

Can Ice Help My Cavapoo Cool Down?

Yes, in moderation, ice can help your dog cool down but not if your dog is suffering from heat stroke. (I will discuss this later on)

Ice should only be given to a dog that is healthy and just feeling a bit warm on a hot day.

According to Veterinary Partner  –

“Dogs can safely be given ice cubes in their drinking water, or as a treat, without worry of bloat or frigid water gastric cramping.”

They go on to say –

“The true concern is how quickly dogs drink the water, and how much they drink, particularly after exercise. A dog could potentially bloat from drinking too much warm water too fast, but the warm or cold temperature of the water has nothing to do with it.  Ice cubes in water can actually slow down the speed of intake, thus lessening the possibility of bloat.”

Dogs should never be given unrestricted access to food and water before they have had a chance to cool off after exerting a lot of energy and excitement.

You can give them water, but you should only give them a little at a time until the dog is calmer and relaxed, at which point you can give them free access.

are ice cubes safe for dogs

Can Ice Cubes Break My Dogs Teeth?

Ice cubes and other objects that are too hard to imprint with a fingernail are known to cause tooth damage in dogs. The larger and firmer the ice cube is, the more chance there is of a tooth being fractured or breaking off.

Additionally, chewing on anything hard repeatedly can seriously wear down the enamel on your dog’s teeth.

The solution is to rather offer your dog either crushed ice, small ice cubes or shaved ice. (In moderation)

Are Ice cubes Good For A Teething Puppy?

Ice cubes are not suitable for teething puppies.

A more effective way to calm down teething gums is to freeze a washcloth and allow your puppy to chew on it. Always supervise your puppy when it is chewing on anything and it is also a good idea to make sure the washcloth is large enough not to swallow.

Better yet, hold the one end of the washcloth while your puppy is chewing on the other end and remove it once done.

Can My Dog Choke On Ice Cubes?

If the ice cubes are large enough then your dog can choke on them.

Always use caution when dealing with big pieces of ice that could get stuck in a dog’s oesophagus before they thaw. You can avoid this problem by offering smaller bits of ice or shavings.

The chewing and swallowing of ice can also be problematic for dogs with dental disease, swallowing problems due to underlying neurological disease, or severe upper airway disease.

In case you have any doubts about your dog’s capacity to chew and swallow ice cubes, make sure to speak with your vet in advance.

ice cubes for dogs with heat stroke

Can I Give My Dog Ice Cubes For Heat Stroke?

Do not provide ice to a dog suffering from heatstroke, but instead wet your dog’s stomach and back with cool water to start cooling them down and rush your dog as quickly as possible to the nearest emergency vet.

Heatstroke can kill your dog very quickly and every minute is crucial to their recovery.

How To Safely Give Ice To Your Cavapoo

It is okay to give your Cavapoo ice cubes as long as you stick to the following recommendations:

  • Supervise your dog at all times when they are eating ice cubes.
  • Rather give your dog small blocks of ice or ice shavings to protect their teeth
  • Never give ice cubes if you suspect heat stroke
  • Moderation is key
  • Consult with your Vet if you are concerned or have any doubts

Spicing Up Your Dog’s Ice Cubes

Plain water is just fine but sometimes it is nice to give your dog something different.

A great way to do this is to make some frozen treats that you feed as is or add to a bowl of water.

Mix 3 cups of water with one cup of either chicken or beef broth. Only use no-salt broth that does not contain any flavourings. Add a quarter cup of safe pet grade peanut butter to the mix. It must not contain any xylitol as xylitol is highly toxic to dogs.

Fill up some small ice cube moulds and freeze.

Remove the ice cubes at least 15 mins before giving them to your dog to allow them to thaw a little bit.

Summing Up Whether You Can Give Cavapoos Ice Cubes

Yes, you can give them ice cubes and they are great for cooling down your dog.

Throw some in your dog’s water bowl or let them chase them around the kitchen floor. Just be careful that they are not too big and make sure you are around to supervise.

Read about other summer care tips.


Is it OK to put ice in dogs water?

Yes, it is perfectly fine and is actually the best way to do it.

Do dogs get brain freeze?

Yes, dogs can get brain freeze which is a very unpleasant experience for them. However, it is not life threatening.

Can ice cubes give a dog diarrhea?

Yes, too many ice cubes can cause stomach upsets like diarrhea, cramps and vomiting. That is why they should only be given in moderation.

Why do dogs love ice cubes?

They need to have their first experience with ice and then they will remember that the ice cooled them down and it as fun to eat.

Can giving your dog ice cubes kill them?

They are generally harmless unless you feed your dog too many. The only exception is if your dog is suffering from heat stroke. Giving them ice cubes for heat stroke will cause their core temperature to cool down too quickly and they can go into shock and possibly die.

Can too much ice hurt my dog?

Yes, too many ice cubes can cause stomach upsets so only give a couple at a time. Too many ice cubes can also cause bloat which can prove fatal.

Why does my dog vomit after eating ice cubes?

If your dog eats too many ice cubes or too much cold water then they can end up vomiting. The stomach is trying to get rid of them.

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