Why You Shouldn’t Get A Cavapoo Explained- 7 Factors

Why you shouldn't get a Cavapoo

The title of this article might sound a bit weird seeing as this is a website all about Cavapoos but as crazy as this sounds, Cavapoos are not the ideal dog for everyone.

There are some very real reasons why you shouldn’t get a Cavapoo that I will discuss and hopefully help you to decide if this mix breed is the perfect match for you and your family.

A decision to own a dog should not be taken lightly.

Hopefully your dog will live for many years so it is important to choose the right breed or mix breed that will fit in with what you imagine your dog to be.

This does not just apply to how it looks or what it’s personality is like but it must also meet your expectations and goals in what you envision with your dog.

Cavapoos have a lot going for them but they do come with their own challenges.

Let’s go through them!

Do You Want A Constant Companion?

When you think of your dog, would you be happy if he greeted you when you came home and then wandered off to do his own thing or are you wanting a dog that desires to be with you as much as possible?

Cavapoos are very social dogs that have a deep yearning and drive to be with their owners every minute of the day and night.

They are prone to separation anxiety if not trained from an early age to be left alone.

They will lap up your attention and delight in joining you in anything you do.

They can adjust to your lifestyle and will be as active or inactive as you want.

If you only want your dog to be around but do not want to interact with him then a Cavapoo might not be the best choice.

Are You Wanting A Watchdog?

A Cavapoo will probably end up greeting and smothering any intruders with kisses instead of growling and protecting your home.

They will be so happy to see someone that they will not consider the stranger a threat.

Some Cavapoos might bark but mostly they will be more interested in getting to know the person.

Because of this Cavapoos are not the ideal watchdog.

Are You Prepared To Groom and Brush Your Dog?

Cavapoos are not a low maintenance dog.

Because of the poodle side of their breeding, their coats can easily mat and become unruly.

They need to be professionally groomed at least every 6 weeks and brushed every day to avoid their coats becoming unmanageable.

This not only involves you dropping them off at a groomer but it is an added expense that you must budget for.

Would your ideal dog be smooth haired and never need to see a groomer or will you be happy to do whatever it takes to keep your dog’s coat mat free and looking good?

Cavapoo grooming

Shedder or Non-Shedder?

Would the sight of dog hair all over your house be an issue for you or will this not phase you at all?

The main reason owners consider buying a Cavapoo is because they are considered to be hypoallergenic and do not shed.

If you or any of your family members are allergic to dogs then a Cavapoo may be a great choice.

It is not a guarantee that a Cavapoo will not shed, especially if they take after the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel but the risk is a lot lower than with other dogs that shed all the time.

This is an important part of your decision if this is the primary reason for getting a Cavapoo.

Inside or Outside Dog?

Are you looking for a dog that will stay and be housed outside?

If you are then a Cavapoo is definitely not the dog for you.

They have to be inside dogs and be a part of the family.

They will not cope being left outside and will become depressed and miserable.

Some Cavapoos love to spend every waking moment outside but they are not classified as outside dogs.

They should not be left unsupervised outside as they are easy targets for predators and often fall victim to dog theft.

If you want an inside dog then a Cavapoo will fit right in.

If you never want your dog to come inside then this is not the dog for you.

Small or Large Dog?

Are you more into large dogs or do you prefer smaller dogs that can lie on your lap while you watch TV?

Cavapoos come in a range of sizes depending on which Poodle type was used in the breeding.

Toy Poodles are the smallest of all the Poodles standing at around 10 inches high.

The largest is the Standard Poodle which can grow to a height of 24 inches.

Standard Poodles are not normally used to create a Cavapoo.

The Toy and Miniature Poodles are used the most.

Cavapoos can range anywhere between 9 – 14 inches but can get to 24 inches if a Standard Poodle is the one parent.

It is hit and miss as to high big a Cavapoo adult size will be.

I have heard of some Cavapoos growing much larger than both their parents to the surprise of their new owners.

If size is a major factor then just be aware that you could end up with a bigger or smaller dog than you originally expected.

Looking For A Cheap Dog?

Cavapoo puppies are expensive.

If you are looking for a cheap dog then don’t even consider a Cavapoo.

They are extremely popular and are in high demand.

Because of this, breeders charge a lot for their puppies.

Breeders also put a lot of effort, research and health testing into their breeding stock which all takes money.

Prices range from $1600 to $3800 and sometimes even higher.

So, if the cost of the dog is an issue then a Cavapoo might be out of your reach.

Summary on Why You Shouldn’t Get A Cavapoo

Cavapoos are fantastic dogs to own.

They make great family pets and have the most amazing temperaments.

However, they are not suited as outside dogs, are not watch dogs, nor do they cope with being left alone or ignored for too long.

These are all aspects that must be considered as to whether a Cavapoo is the right dog for you.

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