How Long Should A Cavapoo Sleep?

Cavapoo sleep

Do you ever wonder how much sleep Cavapoos need?

I love watching my dogs sleep and snore!

They can look so adorable and the positions that they sleep in can be interesting, to say the least.

Cavapoo sleep duration varies depending on several things like age, health, and way of life.

How Long Do Cavapoos Sleep?

A Cavapoo will sleep for around 15 hours every day, usually split up into many naps throughout the day and several hours of sleep at night.

The most important element affecting how much sleep a Cavapoo needs is their age.

To better understand how Cavapoos sleep during their many life stages, let’s first quickly review how dogs sleep in general.

Dogs are a crepuscular species.

A crepuscular animal experiences their natural peak activity hours at dawn and dusk.

This is why your Cavapoo goes crazy and runs like like mad at dusk as this is the time that they have a lot of energy that needs to be released.

For the most part, they sleep for short periods throughout the day and longer periods at night but can be quite flexible and adjustable in their sleep schedules.

As we study how long Cavapoos sleep, it’s important to keep in mind a dog’s natural sleep patterns.

How Long Should Cavapoo Puppies Sleep?

Cavapoo puppies require anything from 15 to 20 hours of rest and sleep per day.

Because puppies are still babies, they require a lot of sleep as they are going through physical and mental development.

So getting enough sleep is crucial for healthy growth.

You may notice your puppy needing a lot of sleep on some days, possibly up to 20 hours.

If your puppy takes a long sleep, it may be experiencing a growth spurt and therefore needs the extra rest.

On other days, your Cavapoo puppy could sleep less.

The 15-20 hours are therefore more of a guide than a set schedule.

Puppies are typically awake and active for one to two hours before they are ready for their next period of sleep.

Without enough sleep, Cavapoo puppies may become overtired and exhibit unruly and uncontrolled behavior.

Your dog will remain content, healthy, and well-behaved if they get enough sleep.

how long do cavapoo sleep

How Long Do Teenage Cavapoos Sleep?

Cavapoos between the ages of 6 and 18 months require between 14 and 16 hours of sleep per day.

This may sound excessive, but their brains are undergoing a significant transformation as they transition from puppy to adult dog brains.

Although most of their physical development has already taken place, they are still undergoing significant physical maturation, which calls for lots of sleep.

Lack of sleep can cause adolescent Cavapoos to act out in unwelcome ways like barking, destroying things, and ignoring you.

Sleep is still crucial for teenage Cavapoos even though they are no longer 8-week-old puppies.

How Long Do Adult Cavapoos Sleep?

Cavapoo adults require roughly 15 hours of sleep every day.

They don’t require as much sleep now that their physical and mental development is complete as they did when they were puppies.

Your adult Cavapoo’s level of activity and general health can affect how much sleep they get each day.

Adult Cavapoos might suffer detrimental effects from lack of sleep, just like younger ones.

Dogs who lack sleep may have behavioral and health problems as a result.

In case you didn’t realize, your Cavapoo needs enough sleep at every stage of life!

How Long Do Senior Cavapoos Sleep?

Older Cavapoos require between 18 to 20 hours of sleep every day.

Similar to us humans, Cavapoos tend to slow down and sleep more as they age.

It comes with growing older and a natural progression.

Additionally, some older dogs may sleep more due to health problems.

Cavapoos begin entering the senior phase when they are 8 to 9 years old.

Even though you might not witness an increase in sleep right away, you will notice your dog being a lot less active as time goes by.

How Cavapoo Health and Sleep Affect Each Other

When it comes to the general health of your Cavapoo, sleep is a crucial component.

The amount and quality of your Cavapoo’s sleep may occasionally be impacted by health conditions.

Additionally, in some circumstances, a dog’s lack of sleep may result in health issues.

According to PetMed:

“Dogs with sleep disorders might whine, cry, or frequently wake up during the night, become more sluggish during the day or seem more disoriented when performing normal tasks. Because sleep deprivation can cause a buildup of stress hormones, dogs with sleep disorders may also become more aggressive or develop other behavioral problems. In addition, a lack of sleep can weaken a dog’s immune system, increasing the risk of infection.”

Besides sleep disorders, other factors can play a role in your dog not sleeping.

Maybe a bustling home has overstimulated them, and they are unable to calm down enough to take a nap.

Perhaps they have allergies that make them extremely itchy and cause them to constantly wake up from naps.

Some Cavapoos may experience anxiety issues, which can make it challenging for them to sleep as much as they need.

Your Cavapoo can even have trouble falling asleep if they are experiencing stomach problems or some sort of other illness.

The correlation between obtaining enough sleep and having excellent health is undeniable.

If you are at all concerned with how long or how little your dog sleeps then please book a visit at your Veterinarian to have your dog assessed.

Cavapoo not sleeping

How to Help Your Cavapoo Get Good Sleep

Let’s discuss how to get your dog to sleep now that we’ve determined how much sleep they require and why sleep is so vital.

When they begin to feel sleepy, some Cavapoos are natural at putting themselves down for naps.

Some dogs however never seem to get tired and are always prepared for the next adventure.

While napping and sleeping all night long may seem like typical, natural behavior for dogs, some will require more assistance and support to get the sleep that they need.

Let’s establish what “good” sleep is before moving on to the how-to.

For dogs to have good sleep, they must sleep the correct amount of time for their age.

However, it is also important that they get good-quality sleep, which means long hours without interruption.

Your Cavapoo should ideally be able to sleep until it’s time to get up rather than taking intermittently short dog naps and waking up frequently.

Dogs typically sleep for 30 minutes to several hours at a time.

Therefore, both quantity and quality of sleep are crucial for your Cavapoo’s health.

Meeting Your Cavapoo’s Needs

Meeting their requirements is one of the most crucial things you can do to assist your dog in getting enough sleep.

Although it may seem obvious, if the dog’s requirements are satisfied, sleep deprivation and its associated problems can frequently be avoided.

Physical Exercise

Cavapoos, especially young ones, may find it difficult to settle down for a time of sleep if they haven’t had a chance to move around and exercise their bodies.

You should give this mixed breed plenty of opportunities to exercise, such as walking, swimming, and playing.

Cavapoos are a moderately active breed.

While you certainly want to fulfill your dog’s demand for physical activity, you don’t want to exhaust them too much though as this could swing them the other way and make them too hyper.

The key is to exercise them just enough to satisfy their needs but not too much to push them over the edge.

Mental Exercise

The brain of your dog needs to be exercised just as much as their body does.

Smart Cavapoos may find it difficult to get enough sleep if you solely concentrate on physical activity and neglect exercising their minds.

Puzzle toys, training games, and time spent sniffing in nature are a few methods you can use to integrate mental exercise.

Some Cavapoos excel in dog sports like obedience and some love therapeutic work.

These can be great opportunities for mental enrichment.


Like in people, nutrition can affect how well dogs sleep.

Your Cavapoo can be restless and hungry if their nutritional demands aren’t being met.

Additionally, if your Cavapoo is overfed, it may develop weight problems that interfere with its ability to sleep.

A dog’s ability to get enough restful sleep might also be significantly impacted by specific nutritional inadequacies.

A healthy, balanced diet is crucial to make sure your dog gets the sleep it needs to thrive.

If you want to learn more about their dietary needs, speak to your veterinarian or a veterinary nutritionist.

Create Sleep Areas

In addition to providing for your dog’s necessities, you should also make it comfortable for your Cavapoo to relax in areas that you have designated for them to do so.

Because the sleeping preferences and routines of each Cavapoo are different, it is impossible to provide a precise formula to follow.

In essence, you should think about the conditions and circumstances that make it easier for your dog to fall asleep and remain asleep.

If your dog has a habit of wanting to participate in all of the activities that take place in your home and as a result is suffering from sleep deprivation, it may be helpful to use a crate, playpen, or baby gate to help them calm down and get some rest.

These products are also useful for dogs that are easily overstimulated or unable to sleep as they want to play all day.

Set your dog’s crate or playpen in a quiet area of the house, away from all the action to help them settle down and get the necessary sleep that they need.

In certain cases, reducing visual stimulation—such as by covering the crate or covering the pen with a sheet—can make it easier for puppies to fall asleep.

It helps to take into account the kind of surfaces your dog likes to sleep on.

If your Cavapoo is hot they might like to lie on cool tiles.

Some dogs prefer a soft dog bed.

Consider the temperature as well.

If it is cold then a blanket might be needed.

Likewise, if it is really hot then use a fan to cool your dog down.

If one sleeping area is not working and your dog is constantly tired then try a different area.

where should a cavapoo sleep

Put Them Down for a Nap

Some dogs will decide when it’s time for a nap and take themselves off to bed.

Others will keep playing and not know when to stop and rest.

If your Cavapoo is one of the numerous puppies, teenagers, or young adults who fall into this second category, you don’t have to wait for them to decide to lie down and go off to sleep.

In the same way that you would take your baby or toddler to bed, you can do the same with your dog.

Just make sure they have a full tummy, have had an opportunity to go potty, and have had something to drink before putting your pup down to sleep.

Put your Cavapoo down for a nap to keep them healthy and well-balanced, and to avoid problems that develop when they’re extremely tired.

Can a Cavapoo Sleep Too Much?

If your dog seems to be sleeping more than usual, it may be a sign that they are ill.

A very long walk, stress, or warm weather are a few examples of additional causes of excessive sleep.

Depending on their daily activities, your dog may sleep more on some days than others.

But if your dog seems to be sleeping more than normal and you’re worried, call your veterinarian to ask their opinion.

Consult your vet right away if your pet’s increased sleeping is accompanied by lethargy, a lack of eating, or other behavioral abnormalities.

Final Thoughts

If you are aware of how much sleep your puppy requires at each stage of their life, you will be better able to guarantee that they are receiving the appropriate amount.

A Cavapoo that has had adequate rest is a healthier, better-behaved dog that will share a more joyful life with its owner.

And to help your dog sleep well, read this post about the best dog beds for Cavapoos next.

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  3. Hi Mark,
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