Cavapoo Price – Why Are Cavapoos So Expensive

Cavapoo Price

What is the price of a Cavapoo and why are Cavapoos so expensive?

The search for your new puppy starts after choosing which breed of dog you want to add to the family.

After researching and taking family dynamics and personal situations into account, you have chosen the awesome and wonderful Cavapoo.

You start inquiring and looking into breeders close to you and discover that Cavapoo puppies are not as cheap as you thought especially taking into account that they are a mix breed.

Cavapoos are quite pricey and many aspects will affect the cost of your new puppy.

Let’s delve in.

How Much Does A Cavapoo Puppy Cost?

The average price is between $1600 to $3800 but I know of some people who have paid close to $5000 for their new pup.

You will be able to find cheaper puppies but these are normally puppies that have been bred in either a puppy mill, by backyard breeders, home breeders, or hobby breeders.

What Is A Puppy Mill?

A puppy mill is a disgusting place.

Dogs are kept in horrendous conditions not seeing daylight their entire lives and never touching grass.

They are kept in small cages where they stand and lie in their filth.

They are then used to produce litter after litter and never receive any Veterinarian care at all.

Most of the matings are done by force.

When they can no longer produce puppies then they are killed to make space for the next dog.

Buying from a puppy mill helps them to continue doing what they have been doing.

You are not rescuing the pup, you are making space for the next dog.

You are condemning more dogs to the same fate as all the other puppy mill dogs.

What Is A Backyard Breeder?

A backyard breeder is someone who has very little knowledge about breeding and is only in it for the money.

The care of the parent dogs and puppies is normally substandard with little to no health care given.

These breeders typically use classified ads and Pet Stores to sell their pups.

They do not consider bloodlines and use dogs that have major health issues.

The risk of buying a sick puppy that will develop health issues later on is very high.

It might be cheaper to buy from them but believe me, you will end up paying much more in Vet bills than you would if you bought from a reputable breeder. (if your puppy even makes it to adulthood)

What Is A Home Breeder?

This type of breeder is someone who decides to allow their dog to produce one litter so the kids can experience what it is like to raise puppies.

While this type of breeder is not as bad as a puppy mill or backyard breeder, they can be hit or miss when it comes to producing good-quality puppies.

Most of the time they will just use any stud dog they can find.

They will probably not consider what health conditions he suffers from and will just take the word of the owner that he is healthy because they cannot physically see anything wrong.

A home breeder will not have their bitch dog tested as this is expensive and will believe that they bought her from a reputable breeder so the dog should be okay.

What they don’t understand is that diseases can skip generations.

That is why reputable breeders go back many generations before deciding to breed with a certain dog.

Letting your dog have just one litter is never a good idea.

Think about it this way – how would you feel if you unknowingly bred unhealthy puppies and the new owners experienced heartache and financial stress?

It is just not worth it.

What Is A Hobby Breeder?

A hobby breeder produces puppies once to twice a year.

They sometimes own both parent dogs and allow them to breed on occasion.

A few of them will do the right health checks before breeding but most of them won’t again because of expense.

The pups are raised in the home and I do believe that the hobby breeder does the best they can to raise good pups.

The problem is that if they don’t do the proper health checks then they are no better than the home breeder.

Buying from a hobby breeder can be risky but you can strike it lucky at times.

Cavapoo Puppy Cost

Reputable Breeder Cavapoo Price

There is no doubt about it – you will pay more when buying from a reputable breeder but there are very good reasons why.

As mentioned before you can expect to pay anything from $1600 to $3800 and even higher.

A reputable breeder will not only go back into numerous generations as far as health testing is concerned, but they also breed for temperament and type.

This means that you will receive a true Cavapoo puppy with the correct looks and personality as well as having peace of mind that they have done their best to make sure it is as healthy as possible.

A reputable breeder will raise the pups in their home exposing them to normal daily life.

They will expose them to household items and noise like TVs and vacuum cleaners.

Children will come and play with them and the pups will be handled daily so that they are used to being held and touched.

Some reputable breeders start crate training and even begin potty training making it much easier on the new owners when they take their puppy home.

For these reasons, it is highly recommended that you only buy from a reputable breeder.

Why The Huge Price Range With Reputable Breeders?

Various factors determine what a reputable breeder charges for their puppies.


A great breeder strives to produce the highest quality puppies that they can, not just health-wise but with temperament, type, and character being just as important.

When they achieve this consistently then people spread the word about them and their puppies are highly sought after.

They will typically have a long waiting list and demand will be much higher than what they can produce.

This pushes the prices up as people will be prepared to pay much more to buy from such a breeder.


The typical Cavapoo is portrayed as a ruby red dog with white markings so this is the color that people want when they are looking to buy a puppy.

This color will be more expensive.

Then some colors are difficult to produce like merle Cavapoos which will reflect in the price.

Colors like black are normally cheaper as the demand for them is not as high as for the typical red color.

Sex of the Puppy

Female puppies are more sought after than male puppies which makes them more expensive.

I don’t know why this is so because I love both sexes.

I think the reason is that people think that male dogs mark inside the house but this is not true.

If properly trained then a male dog will not mark inside the house. Neutering also helps.

I have more problems with my female dogs peeing inside than my male dogs.

Pedigree of Parent Dogs

A Cavapoo is the result of breeding a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel to a Poodle. This is called an F1 Cavapoo.

A reputable breeder will advertise that their breeding stock is registered with the AKC or similar Union if you are not in the United States.

This means that they are highly bred pedigreed dogs with a history of multiple generations on file.

A lot of these pedigreed parent dogs participate in dog shows and become champions.

Cavapoos cannot be registered with any kennel union because they are mixed breeds but if their parents are purebred and registered then the cost of these Cavapoo puppies will be higher than if the parents are not registered.


Some breeders have the added benefit of training your puppy for you.

They will fully crate train them so that they will sleep in their crate from the first night.

They will also potty train them to go outside.

All you will need to do is show your new pup where the ‘outside’ is.

These trained puppies typically only leave the breeder at 10 weeks of age.

This added training will mean that your Cavapoo puppy will cost more but in my mind, it is worth it.


Some areas have quite a few breeders available to choose from and other locations might not have any.

If the area you stay in has more breeders then prices tend to be lower.

Areas that have only one or two breeders will have higher prices to match the higher demand.

Season or Time of Year

There is no getting away from the fact that puppies are highly sought after as Christmas gifts making this time of the year when the demand is the greatest.

This does not just apply to Cavapoos.

It applies to all breeds of dogs.

People also prefer getting puppies during summer and spring so that they don’t need to brave the cold for potty training.

Cavapoo expensive

Cavapoo Price Compared To Other Breeds

Just to put things into perspective, here are some comparisons of what you can expect to pay for other dogs:

  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniel – $1800 – $4000
  • Labradoodle – $1200 – $3000
  • French Bulldog – $1800 – $4500
  • Golden Retriever – $1000 -$3500
  • Toy Poodle – $1500 – $3000
  • Cavachon – $1700 – $6500


Yes, a Cavapoo puppy from a reputable breeder is expensive.

Yes, I do think that some breeders have exploited the demand and pushed up their prices too much but most reputable breeders charge a reasonable price.

Please do not be tempted to buy from a puppy mill or backyard breeder.

They may be cheaper but you will end up paying much more later on with huge Vet bills.

In my opinion, a Cavapoo is worth the cost as you will have the best companion you can have for many years to come.

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  1. Very helpful info. Thank you. Any recommendations for a reputable place to buy a cavapoo in or near Portland, oregon

  2. Hi Jean,
    I personally do not know of any breeders in your area.
    You are welcome to join the Facebook Group that has a list of approved breeders in the “Rules” section.
    These breeders are also active in the Group.

    Please stay away from Crockett Doodle, PremierPups, Puppy Spot and so many other puppy brokers.
    A website that sells multiple other breeds is a puppy broker or classified ads website.
    These sites do not breed the pups themselves and you might end up with a sick or different breed pup.

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