Do Cavapoos Change Color?

Do cavapoos change color

Most photos of Cavapoos show them as a ruby red color with white markings on the chest and feet.

This is the image that future owners fall in love with.

Because of this, owners expect that the ruby red puppy they buy will always be this color.

Color is one of the aspects to consider when choosing your puppy and for some owners, it is a big deal as they have their hearts set on buying a puppy of a specific color.

There is nothing wrong with that as Cavapoos come in an array of colors to choose from.

But do Cavapoos change color?

Yes, a large number of Cavapoos do change color much to the surprise of their owners. The coat becomes lighter as the puppy gets older and they can end up looking like a completely different dog.

But why does this happen?

Read on to find out why.

Why Do Cavapoos Change Color?

As they get older, most Cavapoo coats change color and some can change quite dramatically.

This is due to the fading gene passed down from the Poodle.

A Cavapoo inherits both its appearance and temperament from its parents the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Poodle.

Poodles are unique in that they can be born as one color and change as they age.

As an example, a chocolate puppy might mature into a silver-beige adult.

Black poodles’ coats can lighten to seem silver or blue, whereas dark brown poodles can change to a lighter caramel color, and so on.

This is a hereditary condition (caused by the Poodle fading gene) that your Cavapoo may inherit.

Do All Poodles Fade?

The vast majority of Poodles will experience fading, as every color in the Poodle spectrum, except ink Black, is vulnerable to it.

White dogs don’t seem to fade since there is no color lighter than white.

If they have patches of cream or apricot then these areas could fade and even vanish by the time the dog is 2 years of age.

Do All Cavapoo Coat Colors Fade?

As Cavapoos inherit some of their genes from the Poodle side of their parentage, they are also susceptible to fading and most Cavapoos do change color to some degree.

There will be some that stay the same color they were born with but by far the majority of Cavapoos don’t.

How Much Lighter Can A Cavapoo Coat Become?

A lot depends on what color your puppy started with and what genes it inherited.

If your puppy started with quite a light color then it will lighten even more and could end up being very light beige or white.

Very dark puppies generally only lighten a little or in some cases remain the same color.

This is the main reason why most new owners want a ruby red pup as this color has the greatest chance of not changing.

Breeders know that they are in greater demand and sometimes charge more for a puppy of this color.

What Age Does Cavapoo Coat Change?

You will start to see their coat become lighter when your cavapoo is around 6 months old.

This process isn’t instantaneous, it will take time for their final color to settle.

Expect to see the final color anywhere between two and three years old.

Can A Cavapoo Coat Become Darker?

No, Cavapoos do not get darker.

Their coat may stay the same but the only other option is for them to get lighter.

cavapoo coat colors

Does Cavapoo Coat Color Impact Health And Behavior?

There is no scientific proof to support the claims made by some that a particular Cavapoo color is preferable because it affects a dog’s behavior.

The color of your dog doesn’t affect their temperament or behavior.

Dogs all have distinctive personalities of their own.

The only exception is the Merle coat.

The Merle gene can cause blindness and deafness so if you want to buy a merle colored puppy then it is extremely important that you only buy from a reputable breeder that has done the necessary health and genetic testing to avoid these health risks.

A Merle Cavapoo should never be bred to a Merle Poodle or Cavapoo.

What To Keep In Mind When Choosing The Color Of Your Cavapoo Puppy.

If you are set on a particular color then choose a puppy that is slightly darker than the color you want.

Hopefully, the puppy will only lighten a little bit and end up being the color you desire.

In the end, remember that color is not everything and you will enjoy and love your puppy no matter what it looks like.

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  1. I want a Cavapoo about 12 months old. I live in Retirement Community apartment. Yes, small dogs are allowed.

  2. I have a tri color cavapoo. She is almost 3 years old. She was mainly black and white with some brown on her ears and tail. She has all of a sudden started turning apricot-brown under her neck and on her paws joint. The Vet has no explanation for this and I just want to be sure its normal. She is adorable.
    Thank you.

  3. Hi Kay,

    It is really difficult to say if this is normal or not.
    Cavapoos are known to change color for the fist few years of their lives.
    So, it could just be a color change that your dog is experiencing.
    If the Vet has examined her and has not found any medical issues like allergies, itching or hot spots then it is probably just a color change.

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