Do Cavapoos Shed?

A photo of a human foot with a black sock. The sock is full of dog hair.

One of the reasons that Cavapoos have become so popular is because of the belief that they are hypoallergenic but do Cavapoos shed?

Yes, some Cavapoos do shed but most of them are low to non-shedding.

The Cavalier is a shedder and I know this first hand.

Little Tucker loses so much hair that there are hair tumbleweeds in my house, even though we vacuum most days.

The Poodle, on the other hand, is a minimal to non-shedder.

Poodles are the breed of choice for people who are allergic to dogs.

This is because poodles shed very little hair because of their wiry and curly coat.

Whether your Cavapoo puppy will be high or low shedder depends totally on which coat type they have inherited.

If their coat is wavy and straight like a Cavalier then in all likelihood, your Cavapoo puppy will be high shedding.

On the flip side, if your Cavapoo puppy has wiry curly hair like the Poodle, then there is a good chance that your pup will be very low shedding.

Brown cavapoo puppy with sad looking eyes

Cavapoo Puppy Coats Up To 6 Months

A puppy coat is very different from an adult coat.

When your puppy is younger than six months their coats will be soft and fluffy.

This is to protect them against the cold and to provide protection against injury.

As your puppy starts to mature they will gradually lose their puppy coat which changes into the harder and denser adult coat.

During this time, your Cavapoo will shed. There is no escaping this.

You must brush your puppy very well daily during this phase.

Brushing will help to remove the puppy hair quicker and avoid matting which will happen if the adult hair traps the puppy hair.

The second benefit is that you will not end up with the hair all over your house.

Thirdly, it will help your puppy get accustomed to being groomed which is important as they will need to be groomed regularly during their lifetime.

I recommend a steel comb to remove tangles and dirt and a slicker brush to remove loose undercoat.

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Do Adult Cavapoos Shed?

Yes, all adult Cavapoos shed but the amount of shedding is dependent on a few factors.

Coat type

As I have already mentioned, if your Cavapoo puppy has wavy hair like a Cavalier then it will shed quite a lot.

Spaniels are heavy shedders.

If their coat is curly like a Poodle then the shedding should be a lot less or none.


It is a known fact that animals shed during spring.

The reason dogs shed in spring is because they need to lose their winter coats.

Summer is coming and they will get too hot if they keep their winter coats.


Just like in humans, dogs are heavily affected by what they eat.

Dogs need at least 20-25% protein in their diet.

A lack of protein results in weak hair follicles which in turn results in more shedding.

So, your Cavapoo must have nutritious and balanced meals.

Incorrect Bathing

Bathing your Cavapoo too often will cause dry skin and this will result in heavy shedding.

So, try to only bathe your dog when they go for professional grooming every four to six weeks unless they have been skunked or have had a nice romp in a pool of mud.

Never use human shampoo or soap on your dog as their skin has a different ph level to humans.

Use a natural dog shampoo that will not dry out the skin.

Wet apricot Cavapoo sitting in a sink


Cavapoos are not 100% non-shedding, no dog is.

But if you are looking for a dog that will not leave a trail of hair all over your house, and that is smart, cute, and adorable, then the Cavapoo is the perfect choice.

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  1. Hi Gillian,
    When they start to lose their puppy coat and transition to their adult coat then it is usually when their hormones are also changing.
    This can cause them to lose their appetite but I would recommend taking them to the Vet if they don’t eat for more than a day.
    There could be something else wrong and it just happened to coincide with the coat change.
    Rather be safe than sorry 🙂

  2. My cavapoo will be a year in june. And she is shedding a lot is this normal. She has been shedding for neally 6 weeks

  3. Hi June,
    Yes, this is perfectly normal.
    She is losing her puppy coat and the adult coat is coming through.
    This does take a while.
    Try and brush her every day to get rid of the loose hair and help the process go as quickly as possible.

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