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Tips for traveling with your Cavapoo so that you both can enjoy a relaxing vacation together and be well prepared for whatever may happen.

Taking any dog on vacation requires extra planning to ensure your canine companion is well taken care of and happy while you're traveling, but Cavapoos are a breed that needs a bit more attention.

Outgoing and playful, this cross between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodle is curious and likes going on adventures. While their spunky spirit makes them the perfect playmate at home, they can make for a challenging travel companion if you're not well-prepared.

These tips will have you and your Cavapoo on your way to enjoying a relaxing vacation together without any travel hurdles to overcome.

Focus on pet-friendly destinations.

Many cities across the United States make for a wonderful destination to take your pet for a memorable vacation. When choosing where to visit with your Cavapoo, focus on warmer climates where they'll be able to get plenty of exercise outdoors. A few of the top options include:

  • San Diego, CA
  • Austin, TX
  • Key Largo, FL
  • Alexandria, VA
  • Little Rock, AR

All of these locations are warm and inviting, especially to dog owners. You'll find several pet-friendly restaurants and resorts in these cities.

Only stay in dog-friendly accommodations.

There's nothing worse than booking a hotel, arriving after a long day of traveling, and finding out that dogs aren’t allowed on the premises.

Avoid this catastrophe by finding out ahead of time whether or not a hotel or other lodging location accommodates dogs.

Many hotels list right on their website whether or not they are pet-friendly. If you want to confirm this information, contact the hotel directly.

Cavapoo friendly hotel

It's better to know in advance that they accept dogs than to have to scramble at the last minute to find another place to stay.

Many booking sites also allow you to filter for hotels that are pet-friendly.

Give your dog enough time to exercise.

Cavapoos are a very active breed and, therefore, require plenty of exercise throughout the day. A day or more of travel can be tough on humans, but dogs can really struggle with sitting in a car or plane, especially if they are in a crate the entire time.

Whenever you get up to stretch or take a bathroom break, allow your dog to do the same. In addition, prior to traveling, be sure to take them on a long walk to tire them out so they rest throughout the trip.

During the actual vacation, make a note to visit a dog park frequently to allow your dog some freedom to run, jump, and play. Be sure to focus on safety when taking your dog to the dog park.

That means supervising at all times, making sure your dog is vaccinated prior to going to the park, cleaning up after your dog, and using an ID tag for easy identification.

Cavapoo in dog park

Take extra care if your Cavapoo is a puppy.

Puppies are more work than older dogs, so naturally, you’ll have your hands full when traveling with a puppy.

They have more energy than adult dogs and don't have the training experience that adult dogs often have. They also may not have all of their vaccinations, so the proper care should be taken while traveling to protect their health.

Give puppies extra time to exercise and go to the bathroom. Take advantage of this opportunity to train them on the proper way to travel by reinforcing good behavior with treats.

Make sure they're up-to-date on vaccinations.

Just like people can get sick while traveling, so can dogs.

Things like intestinal parasites, kennel cough, heartworm, or even allergies can leave your Cavapoo feeling anything but relaxed while on vacation.

These types of illnesses can be avoided by seeking the proper veterinary care prior to leaving for vacation. Be sure your dog is up-to-date on all of their vaccinations and that they are receiving monthly flea and heartworm preventatives.

If they have any health problems that require medications, make sure you have enough or get them refilled before traveling.

Bring the necessities.

As necessities are often the focus for packing your own items, you should also place special attention on ensuring your Cavapoo has all of their essentials.

 These must-haves include a food dish, water bowl, leash and harness, waste scoop, medications, food, treats, and a pet bed.

Cavapoo treats

 If they have a favorite toy or blanket, you might also want to bring that to help calm them during travel.

Make your pet feel extra special by buying them their own suitcase to house all of their necessities.

They'll feel like a true member of the family when they see all of their items packed neatly inside.

Enlist professional help.

Every parent needs time away, even dog parents.

Although you love your pooch dearly, some relaxation time without your dog is necessary when you're vacationing.

If you are traveling for work, this is particularly important. Research dog walkers and dog sitters in the area you'll be traveling to. Many pet stores offer dog sitting right in their facility, so that's an excellent place to start.

You can also check with the hotel you're staying at to see if they have any suggestions. Your pet will get love and attention while you're able to enjoy your vacation.

Cavapoo on bed

Invest in some extra insurance coverage. 

Traveling with your Cavapoo increases the number of potential mishaps that you could experience while on the road.

As any experienced traveler knows, it’s foolish to think that everything will go your way. From weather emergencies and public protests to sudden illnesses or flight delays, there are a number of unforeseen events which you purchase insurance to cover.

With your Cavapoo in tow, you’ll be subject to an even higher number of potential issues. Investing in pet insurance can help cover you for any unexpected veterinarian fees, extra medications, and other possible issues.

Traveling with your adorable Cavapoo is an opportunity to make your vacation even more memorable and exciting. Although it won’t be as easy as traveling alone, this special plus one will certainly make the trip even more special.

Be sure to follow these tips to avoid any problems that could occur while taking your vacation.

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