Are Cavapoos Good With Kids: Everything You Need To Know

Are Cavapoos Good With Kids

Are you looking for a new family dog and wondering: are Cavapoos good with kids?

This is an important question that you are asking especially if there are children in the house.

Yes, Cavapoos are good with kids. They are excellent family dogs because they love people of all ages, including children. They are happy dogs that love to play.

However, some risk factors need to be considered.

If you want to know more about how Cavapoos are with children, keep reading.

Are Cavapoos Good With Kids?

Kids love Cavapoos and Cavapoos love kids.

They are affectionate dogs that have a moderate amount of energy and enjoy the company of their human families.

They can adjust to the age of your children and will be gentle and kind to babies and infants and can step it up a notch with older children and adults.

And not only are Cavapoos fantastic with children, but they may also be beneficial to the health of your kids.

Your child can learn responsibility and how to properly treat animals by growing up with a dog, and your Cavapoo will return the favor by becoming a loyal and trustworthy companion for life.

But are they the ideal pets for families?

Is there anything that we need to keep an eye out for?

Let’s go into that topic a little bit further…

cavapoos with children

Are Cavapoos Aggressive?

No, Cavapoos are not classified as an aggressive breed.

However, any dog can act aggressively if they are in pain, abused, or not treated correctly.

The most common reasons for a Cavapoo to act aggressively are:

Resource Guarding

Resource guarding can involve food, a toy, or even an item that your Cavapoo does not want to let go of.

They generally do not bite but will growl and snarl which is scary in itself and can be very frightening for a young child.

You can prevent your Cavapoo from any resource guarding by training him from day one to allow you to take away his unfinished food, remove a toy from his mouth, and teach him the ‘drop it’ command.

Pain, sickness, or Injury

If a dog is in pain or has been injured then they can lash out at you.

They don’t mean to but they are scared of being hurt more.

If your Cavapoo has been hurt or injured then give them a little space and time to calm down.

If the injury is life-threatening then this won’t be an option and you should rush your dog to an emergency Vet as quickly as possible.

If they are in pain or sick then don’t allow your children to try and pick up or give any attention to your dog.

An adult needs to do this so that it can be done as gently as possible.

If you are worried about your pet’s health, you should always take them to the vet.


Hormonal imbalances can induce irritation in pets just like they can in people.

When a female Cavapoo is having her period, aggression is a common symptom.

It’s best to keep your distance at these moments, just as you would when someone is sick or injured.

Spaying and neutering are additional choices you can discuss with your vet.

Are Cavapoos Good With Babies?

Yes, they can be but should never be left alone with any baby.

Your baby could grab your Cavapoo’s tail or ears and hurt them causing them to retaliate.

Also, bear in mind, that Cavapoos love to lick and you might not be impressed with him passing on harmful germs to your baby.

However, it is great to let your Cavapoo and baby bond and form a relationship that can last for many years to come.

Are Cavapoos Good With Young Children

Are Cavapoos Good With Young Children?

Cavapoos are great with young children.

This is where they excel.

But just like with babies, young children should always be supervised when interacting with your dog.

You will need to teach young children how to properly respect and treat any dog.

They need to be gentle and not kick, punch, or grab your Cavapoo thereby hurting it and making it fearful of your children.

Teach them how to play nicely with your Cavapoo and leave him alone when he is sleeping or eating.

Teach them to never take something out of a dog’s mouth to avoid being bitten.

Can a Cavapoo Push a Child?

Yes, when it comes to young children, a Cavapoo is capable of easily knocking over a young child by going up to them on their hind legs and pushing them over with their body.

They won’t do this out of malice or to purposely hurt your child.

Cavapoos love to greet you and often stand on their hind legs to reach your face so they can smother you with kisses.

A small child will not be able to withstand a Cavapoo jumping up against them.

Older children will be just fine and should not be pushed over so easily.

Will a Cavapoo Nip or Bite a Kid?

Puppies explore the world using their teeth and very young puppies have razor-sharp ones that can easily break skin.

Sometimes, your child will feel those sharp teeth when your puppy wants to interact or play with them.

Always have some chew or tug toys within reach to give to your puppy to bite rather than him using his teeth on your child.

Make sure your child does not grab your Cavapoo puppy’s mouth or try and tease it.

This will just make matters worse as the pup will then be encouraged to bite.

The good news is that your puppy will grow out of this phase eventually.

Cavapoos and children

How To Make Sure Your Cavapoo Will Be Good Around Kids

3 factors will help greatly with making sure your Cavapoo does well with kids:


Make sure your Cavapoo is exposed to children right from the get-go.

Have other kids come over and play with him.

Let the kids run around and scream and shout.

Even expose your pup to a baby stroller so it is not a scary item.

Once they have had all their shots, then take them out to markets, shops, and parks.

Let them get used to being around different people and different situations.

Doing these things will ensure that your Cavapoo is calm and confident around kids and adults.


Training is crucial if you want to end up with a well-behaved and balanced dog.

A lot of owners just leave their dogs to behave as they want and then cannot understand why their dog is behaving so badly.

Training helps you to control your dog.

For example: If your child drops a toy then commanding your Cavapoo to sit and stay will prevent them from running off with the toy.

To start the training process I would highly recommend puppy school.

They teach the basics like sit, stay, and how to walk on a loose lead.

A good puppy school will also teach your dog the recall.

You will need to carry on with the training afterwards but it gives you a good foundation.

Exercise and mental stimulation

A dog or puppy that has pent-up energy will act up.

A Cavapoo needs a good walk twice a day if possible.

Otherwise, once a day will be fine if they get loads of playtime and mental stimulation the rest of the time.

Play fetch and tug of war and use puzzle toys to get rid of some of that pent-up energy.


Cavapoos are one of the best mixed breeds for families with children.

They’re sweet, gentle dogs that love being around and with people.

That being said, any dog must always be supervised when they are around babies and young children.

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