When Do Cavapoo Puppies Calm Down? – Surviving The Storm

A photo looking down on a cavapoo puppy with the puppy looking straight back at the camera.

Let’s talk about Cavapoo puppies.

If you are reading this article then it is highly likely that your puppy is driving you nuts and you are wondering, when do Cavapoo puppies calm down?

Cavapoo puppies should calm down sometime between 18 to 24 months of age. Every dog is unique so some Cavapoos will calm down earlier or later than others.

Some Cavapoo puppies are super chilled from the get-go while others are hell on four legs and will test their owner’s patience to the limit.

In this article, I’ll delve into the fascinating process of when and how Cavapoo puppies transition from their spirited, energetic selves to the serene, well-behaved dogs that you hope they will become.

Let’s dive in!

Puppy Stage – Less Than 6 Months

The puppy stage before 6 months in a Cavapoo’s life is a time filled with boundless energy, curiosity, and excitement.

During this stage, their energy seems endless.

They have a seemingly infinite supply of enthusiasm and are always ready for playtime and exploration.

Their exuberance is part of their youthful charm and is an essential aspect of their puppy hood.

Cavapoo Puppy calming

Cavapoo puppies are masters of entertainment.

They will bounce around, chase their tails, and initiate play with just about anything they can find.

Their playful antics are not only adorable but also serve as a way for them to learn about their environment, develop coordination, and practice social skills.

This stage is a time of discovery for Cavapoo puppies.

They will investigate every nook and cranny, sniffing, pawing, and sometimes even tasting objects to satisfy their curiosity.

It’s advisable to create a safe and puppy-proof environment for them to explore while keeping hazardous items out of their reach.

Cavapoo puppies are inherently sociable and enjoy interactions with humans and other animals.

This stage is critical for their social development.

They learn how to communicate, read body language, and establish their place in the social hierarchy.

This is the time to expose them to positive socialization to help shape their behavior and promote friendly interactions as they grow older.

Puppies have short attention spans, often flitting from one thing to another.

It can be challenging to keep their focus for extended periods.

Keep training sessions short, engaging, and fun, incorporating rewards and positive reinforcement to hold their interest and make learning enjoyable.

Despite their seemingly boundless energy, Cavapoo puppies also require ample rest and sleep.

They may have bursts of play followed by extended periods of deep sleep.

Provide them with a comfortable and quiet space to relax and rejuvenate, as adequate rest is essential for their overall well-being.

While Cavapoo puppies may not exhibit calmness during this stage, it doesn’t mean they won’t eventually develop into calmer dogs.

As they grow older and go through subsequent developmental phases, their energy levels will gradually decrease, and they will become more settled and focused.

Embrace the puppy stage with patience, understanding, and plenty of love.

Establish a routine, engage in positive training methods, provide mental and physical stimulation, and create opportunities for socialization.

This will help them develop into well-rounded and balanced adult Cavapoos while enjoying the lively and entertaining moments that only puppyhood can bring.

Teenager Stage – 6 to 12 Months

The 6-month to 12-month stage in a Cavapoo’s life is an intriguing period of development where you may notice changes in their behavior and a gradual shift towards calmness.

calming down a cavapoo puppy

During this stage, Cavapoo puppies start to show better energy regulation.

While they still have bursts of enthusiasm and playfulness, you’ll notice a gradual increase in their ability to calm down and relax.

They become more adept at self-regulating their energy levels, resulting in longer periods of tranquility.

As your Cavapoo reaches the 6 to 12-month mark, you’ll likely witness a decrease in their hyperactive behavior.

They become less prone to frenetic bursts of energy and are better able to channel their enthusiasm into focused play and exercise sessions.

You may find that they are more content with moderate exercise and enjoy quieter moments.

As they mature, Cavapoos become more receptive to training and exhibit an increased ability to concentrate.

Their attention span extends, allowing for more productive training sessions.

They become more responsive to commands and are better equipped to learn new skills and behaviors.

Cavapoo puppies in this stage benefit from well-established routines.

They thrive on consistency and predictability.

Having a structured schedule for meals, exercise, and rest helps them feel secure and promotes a sense of calmness.

This stage is an ideal time to reinforce positive behaviors through consistent training and routine reinforcement.

While still naturally curious and active, Cavapoo puppies between 6 to 12 months of age begin to appreciate and seek out restful moments.

They start to enjoy periods of relaxation, lounging by your side, and relishing quiet moments of companionship.

You’ll notice a growing ability to settle down and appreciate a peaceful environment.

During this phase, Cavapoos continue to develop their social skills.

They become more adept at reading and responding to social cues from humans and other dogs.

They gain confidence in various social situations and tend to interact more calmly and appropriately with others.

Continued socialization experiences further contribute to their overall calmness and well-rounded nature.

The bond between you and your Cavapoo strengthens as they enter this stage of development.

Their trust in you deepens, and their loyalty grows.

You’ll experience an even greater sense of companionship and mutual understanding as you continue to nurture your relationship with them.

Patience, consistency, and positive reinforcement are key during this phase to help them navigate the transition to becoming a more settled and balanced youngster.

Young Adult Stage – 12 to 18 Months

The phase between 12 to 18 months in a Cavapoo’s life is an exciting period of continued growth and development.

During this time, you’ll witness further changes in their behavior, temperament, and overall demeanor as they transition from puppyhood to young adulthood.

Young Cavapoo

At this stage, your Cavapoo is nearing its full adult size and weight.

Their growth rate may start to slow down, and they’ll begin to fill out and develop a more mature body structure.

However, keep in mind that individual dogs may continue to grow and develop at slightly different rates.

As your Cavapoo approaches the 12 to 18-month mark, you’ll notice a gradual decrease in their overall energy levels.

They will still have bursts of playfulness and moments of enthusiasm, but their energy will become more manageable compared to their puppyhood.

They’ll become more content with moderate exercise and be able to settle down for longer periods of relaxation.

As they mature, Cavapoos tend to become more focused and attentive.

Their ability to concentrate on tasks and follow commands improves, making training sessions more productive.

This is an excellent time to reinforce previous training and introduce new commands and tricks.

With their puppyhood behind them, Cavapoos in this phase typically exhibit more stable behavior.

They become more predictable and reliable in their responses to various stimuli.

While individual personality traits may still shine through, they generally become more balanced and consistent in their actions.

They’ll become more confident and comfortable in various social settings, whether it’s interacting with other dogs, meeting new people, or encountering different environments.

Proper socialization during this phase is crucial to ensure their continued well-roundedness.

As they mature, they develop a deeper understanding and connection with their human family.

You’ll notice increased loyalty, affection, and a desire to please you, making them even more delightful companions.

While their energy levels may have calmed down compared to their puppy days, you still need to provide regular exercise and mental stimulation for your Cavapoo.

Engage them in daily walks, playtime, and interactive games to keep them physically and mentally stimulated.

A well-exercised Cavapoo is a happier and more content companion.

Enjoy witnessing your Cavapoo’s transformation into a mature and well-rounded adult dog.

Embrace the special moments of companionship and the delightful personality that makes the Cavapoo such a lovable breed.

Adult Stage – 18 to 24 Months

The phase between 18 to 24 months in a Cavapoo’s life marks a significant milestone in their journey towards maturity.

This is the time when they become adults.

Cavapoo Dog

During this period, you’ll notice further calming down and a more settled demeanor in your beloved companion.

By the 18 to 24-month mark, you’ll observe a noticeable decrease in your Cavapoo’s overall energy levels.

They will become even more content with moderate exercise and have even longer periods of relaxation.

While they may still have bursts of playfulness, their energy will be more balanced and controlled compared to their younger years.

They become even more reliable in their responses to various situations, displaying a more consistent and predictable nature.

Undesirable behaviors and puppy antics become less frequent, replaced by a greater sense of calmness and self-control.

During this phase, your Cavapoo will have developed well-rounded social skills.

They’ll feel comfortable and confident in various social settings, interacting with other dogs, meeting new people, and adapting to different environments.

Continued exposure to positive social experiences will help solidify their social abilities.

They’ll have a deeper understanding of your cues and emotions, becoming even more attuned to your needs.

Their loyalty and affection will shine through, creating an unbreakable bond that is the hallmark of the Cavapoo breed.

Although your Cavapoo may have calmed down significantly, it’s essential to maintain regular exercise and mental stimulation to keep them physically and mentally healthy.

Engage them in daily walks, interactive playtime, and mental enrichment activities to satisfy their need for stimulation and prevent boredom.

Despite their increasing maturity, Cavapoos will retain their innate playfulness and youthful spirit throughout their lives.

While their energy levels have settled, they’ll still enjoy moments of play and engage in interactive activities with you, maintaining the joy and laughter they bring to your life.

Enjoy the wonderful companionship of your matured Cavapoo, relishing the calm moments and treasuring the playful spirit that makes them such a delightful breed to have by your side.

Calm Cavapoo Dog

Tips On How to Calm Down Your Cavapoo

As a Cavapoo owner, you may encounter moments when your doggie friend’s excitement becomes overwhelming.

In this section, I’ll explore effective strategies to calm your energetic Cavapoo and maintain a harmonious environment for both of you.

Don’t allow Bad Behavior

Just because they are puppies, it does not mean that you should allow them to behave badly.

I often hear people say “But they are just being a puppy”.

Allowing your puppy to behave badly will not end well for either of you.

If your puppy is pulling on your jeans or biting your furniture, you need to stop the behavior and not think it is cute.

I don’t mean that you should hit them or slap them. This won’t solve anything and will only make them fearful of you.

Offer them a toy or cordon off areas where they cannot get into trouble.

Just don’t allow them to behave badly.

This is how they learn what is right and what is wrong.

Don’t Raise Your Voice

While it’s understandable to feel frustrated, raising your voice or yelling at your Cavapoo is counterproductive.

Dogs don’t interpret shouting as discipline but rather as noise, potentially escalating their excitement levels or leading to excessive barking.

My dogs know that when I speak to them in a low, soft, authoritative voice they need to listen.

If I shout at them then they become more frantic and the situation spirals out of control.

Maintain a calm and composed voice to encourage a relaxed atmosphere, allowing your Cavapoo to follow suit.

Exercise and Mental Stimulation

An active mind and a tired body contribute to a calmer Cavapoo.

Ensure your doggie friend receives ample mental and physical stimulation through playtime, interactive toys, and engaging activities.

This outlet for their energy allows them to focus their attention, reduces restlessness, and promotes a sense of satisfaction and relaxation.

Spay or Neuter Your Puppy

Opting to spay or neuter your Cavapoo can have numerous behavioral benefits.

These procedures can help curb over-excitement, minimize reproductive-related aggression, and prevent behaviors like humping or excessive marking.

Spayed or neutered dogs are less likely to engage in risky behaviors, like chasing a female dog in heat, leading to a longer and healthier life.

Final Thoughts on When Do Cavapoo Puppies Calm Down

Through gentle guidance and understanding, you can help your Cavapoo find its inner peace and become a calmer and more relaxed companion.

The journey may have its ups and downs, but with your love and dedication, your Cavapoo will thrive.

So, embrace the adventure, appreciate their joyful spirit, and enjoy the delightful companionship that your calmer Cavapoo will bring to your life.

With time, effort, and a positive mindset, you’ll create a harmonious bond that lasts a lifetime.

So, take a deep breath, stay patient, and continue to provide a loving and supportive environment for your Cavapoo.

Your efforts will be rewarded with a contented and well-balanced furry friend who brings you endless joy and companionship.

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  1. Love this!!
    Makes sense!!
    My Izzy is 14 mths of age!
    Iā€™m in love ???

  2. My Cavapoo is 16 months old, he is smart and follows general commands, such as sit, lay down, sit pretty, paw, speak, takes treats gently, etc. But chases cats, squirrels, and will not return to me. He pulls on the leash constantly. He’s completely out of control when people visit.

  3. Hi Robin,
    Poodles were bred to be hunting dogs and sometimes these traits appear in the Cavapoo.
    The instinct will always be there so the best would be to aware of this and to keep him on lead when you are going to an area with squirrels.
    If a cat or squirrel appears then offer him a valuable treat and try and distract him.
    If this works then lead him away in the opposite direction.
    As far as visitors are concerned – you will need to train him to behave.
    If you know someone is coming, then crate him until the visitors are in the house.
    Ask them to please ignore him totally and not to look at him and you must do the same.
    Once everyone is settled and he is calm then put his lead on and take him out of the crate.
    Have treats ready and reward him if he stays calm.
    If he doesn’t then return him to the crate.
    Keep doing this until he clicks that he only gets out and gets a treat if he remains calm.
    It might take a few sessions but be consistent and always return him to the crate if he becomes unruly.
    Only reward him if he is behaving well.

  4. Hi my cavapoo Is 11 months gets 4 walks a day roughly 20 mins each time. Calm during day but evening he goes crazy digging up garden trying to jump and and bite attacking furniture etc. please help

  5. Hi Cara,

    Walks are great and absolutely necessary. But it sounds like they are not enough to get rid of excess energy. Some cavapoos can be high energy dogs. Your dog is still young. I suggest rather taking him on 2 X 30 minutes walks. One in the morning and the other one in the afternoon. Then have two long play sessions where you throw a ball for him to chase. The play sessions need to be active and can also incorporate basic training where you teach the sit, stay and come commands. You can also try puzzle toys and hiding treats for him to find. The play sessions can be done late mornings and early evenings. Cavapoos can experience the “zoomies” where they dash around like mad dogs in the evening. Here is an article about zoomies with some more tips to help you survive through them :)) – http://cavapoolove.com/dog-zoomies/

  6. My cavapoo is very possessive and growls and tries to bite when taking something off her. She is 19 months old

  7. Has she had any kind of training to stop this behavior?
    If not then I strongly suggest that you look into getting a professional dog trainer in to help stop this.
    A dog should never growl or try to bite it’s owner.
    The risks are too high that a child or stranger can get hurt and then you will be in big trouble.
    So, please don’t accept this behavior from her and make plans to get someone to help you.

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