Cavapoo Haircuts – Different Types Explained

Cavapoo Haircuts

A Cavapoo’s fur is similar to that of a poodle and can become tangled and matted quite easily. There are different types of Cavapoo haircuts that you can consider. Taking the time to groom them regularly is crucial to keeping their coat looking healthy and mat free. When should you start grooming your Cavapoo puppy? … Read more

Summer Cavapoo Care – Tips To Keeping Cool

Cavapoo Summer Care

I love summer. Nothing beats basking in the sun and soaking in the warmth until you feel the heat going right down to your bones. I also love to spend time outside with my dogs so for me summer is the best season of the year. The thing is though, our Cavapoos may not share … Read more

Why Does My Cavapoo Smell (9 Reasons Explained)

Why does my Cavapoo smell

Cavapoos can have a smelly odor that can be caused by a number of different factors. So why does my Cavapoo smell? It could just be the ‘wet dog’ smell if your dog has just had a bath, swim or romp in the rain and if this is the case then the smell should go away … Read more

Luxating Patella in Cavapoos

Luxating Patella Recovery

One of my dogs has been diagnosed and treated for this condition so I unfortunately know it well. Luxating Patella in Cavapoos is quite common so don’t panic. Although not life threatening it can, if severe enough, have a huge impact on your Cavapoo’s quality of life if left untreated. Tucker (my Cavalier) was diagnosed … Read more

Introducing Your Cavapoo Puppy To Family Animals

Cavapoo and other animals

Dogs being social animals should love the company of other dogs. Introducing your new Cavapoo puppy can be tricky because first impressions are very important. This is even more important if your resident dog is used to being the only dog and has been enjoying all your attention. A Cavapoo is an adorable mixed breed dog.  It … Read more

How To Get Rid Of Tear Stains On Cavapoos

How to Get Rid of Tear Stains on Cavapoos

It may be a cause for concern if you are not familiar with the sight of tear stains on your dog’s face. Many curly coated dogs suffer from tear stains with the Cavapoo being one of them.  In this article I will cover how to get rid of tear stains on Cavapoos and how to … Read more

Do Cavapoos Shed?

do cavapoos shed

One of the reasons that the Cavapoo has become so popular is because of the belief that Cavapoos are hypoallergenic but do Cavapoos shed? The Cavapoo is a mix between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Poodle. The Cavalier is a shedder and I know this first hand. Little Tucker loses so much hair … Read more

Traveling With Your Cavapoo

Trveling with your Cavapoo

Tips for traveling with your Cavapoo so that you both can enjoy a relaxing vacation together and be well prepared for whatever may happen. Taking any dog on vacation requires extra planning to ensure your canine companion is well taken care of and happy while you’re traveling, but Cavapoos are a breed that needs a … Read more

Cavapoo Names

Cavapoo Names

Sometimes you can just look at your puppy or dog and know exactly which name suits them but other times you are just not sure. If you are having trouble deciding what to name your pup, then consider the following Cavapoo names: You should be able to say the name with ease. You also want … Read more

Cavapoo Puppies – what to look out for when buying

Cavapoo Puppies

Cavapoo puppies are so cute with there little button noses and teddy bear looks. An added bonus is there sweet temperaments and fantastic personalities. There really is nothing as adorable as Cavapoo puppies. Puppy Mill or Reputable Breeder There is also a dark side at play. Cavapoos became so popular that puppy mills quickly sprang up and people began … Read more